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Here Comes Again the Final Countdown

November 9, 2009

We all know that 45 Days before Christmas, are you excited then?
I love Christmas and this is my 14th time that I'll celebrate Christmas here in the Philippines but I know that it's not December yet. Ask me why it is my 14th time? :)

The truth is that I have 2 Days to relax my nerves, to unwind a little bit and to rejuvenate further. Because at that coming day, another semester will arrive. YES!, I made it last first semester with all those simple but difficult College Math subjects and other subjects that I passed but will I pass this coming second semester?

The much awaited subjects for this semester are: 

  Physics  (Lab and Lecture) - more on application and a bit computation, last 4th year puro projects lang napapasa ko. How can I apply My Principle to this subject?

  Analytical Geometry  - my co-blockmate said its more on Philosophy. Philosophy?? not again!

There are chances that I will pass this second semester (unless I'll study hard and strive for the success). I think you should prefer on what I wrote or typed (computer kasi!) on my previous posts.

Oh well, loveless at the moment (kahit meron ako dati, binalewala ko muna ito) and will focus on what I will study this coming second semester. 

Inhinyerong Tomasino

How's My Blog?

I'm here again bringing more bits of information about my daily life. 

I didn't know that my blog was on its 1ST EXISTENTIAL YEAR.
With 1 YEAR and 2 MONTHS OF EXISTENCE. I can't believe that my blog cannot reach on this year.  

grabe ang tagal na pala nitong blog ko, hindi ko lang napapansin. :)

I hope this blog won't last. Pakatagal ko ito para malupit. :)

And that's not all. Interested Viewers will almost reach up to 3,000 views. Keep viewing my comrade. 

Enjoy viewing, visiting and reading my posts in my blogspot.

Inhinyerong Tomasino