Remember These Tactics :)

Boredom Strikes! But remember all those tactics.

First day of school in IPSA, I sang this song, remember?. "Hindi pambakla yang kantang yan.haha!"

The following days of school, they called me "Mr. Astig" but I'm holding a fan, what a nice guy I am. tsk."kenkoy ako that time."

Remember the times when I was a background singer in "Plain Black" last battle of the bands. It's so embarrassing, I'm not a professional then. I erase all the embarrassment when I joined "Kakaroach" in our school year, we're 4th place.

Then I always wear "PEKPEK" shorts, in short, SHORTY SHORTS, because at that time, when I play soccer, "ala nga namang mahabang shorts yung susuotin ko. pra akong sira noon". Anyway, I'll improve my shorts, because since 1st year ko pa ito sinusuot. haha.

I always play soccer, SOCCER!, my favorite sport. I'm a Certified Manchester United Fan, I always use my bags and sometimes playing my ball endorsed by them, "KAPAL!" haha. Then, I always display in my room, "parang sira!".

I always do the fuckface, mimimmimimim.., hahaha.!, and I always do the psycho song. YINK!, YINK!, with side cracking steps.

But all of these will fade when I entered college, because it's all about seriousness and hardwork. I won't be able to do these tactics, after I'll graduate college. These memories will come back, I told you. :)

Last 10 Hours

Still bored and nothing to do, but to write posts.

What am I doing, I suppose to get ready at my flight back to the Philippines, "My Motherland".

My things were all packed and on-the-go.

"Kaya ako nandito ngayon, dahil magpapaalam na ako mga |Friends|SPEDS|, mga alaala ng nakaraan, hinding-hindi ko kau makakalimutan, promise!"

I started up my sadness, what a dramatic actor I am, haha!.

But don't worry, I'll still come back this coming July, "at doon babawi ulit ako. haha!"

Thomasian or Lasalite?

Too bored, sorry about thatl. Here, I decided to be a Thomasian in University of Santo Tomas actually, but there's another one that will lead in my top 3 schools, and that's De La Salle University, Manila (Taft). I wish I would also pass this DLSUCET, I strive to study hard in order to pass in La Salle, and so that I have to choose which university I'll go. "Magulo na ang mundo ngayon, ano ba talaga?, papanahin mo ba ako o kakagatin mo ako?".




anong isisigaw ko?


Here I Am, As I Graduate..

After 12 YEARS of cooperation and hardwork through studying lesson, everyday activities and the like. Here I am, wearing the toga and getting ready for the graduation. First and foremost, I salute my ever beloved parents because they're the ones who support me everytime, in case of having problems in academics. Then, to my teachers who gave us, graduates, the knowledge we've taken seriously until we reach college and the values we've put in our hearts and minds we use in our daily lives. And last but not the least, to the Seniorspeds, thank you for the friendship and love you all given to me, for making me as a part of your lives even I came in this school since 2nd year until I finally graduate.

Special mention to our descendants, the Junior Elite, who will bring joy and honor to the school next year, "kayong mga juniors, lalong-lalo nang may mga posisyon sa CAT, huwag lalaki ang ULO!, and stay as you are my dear Juniors, darating din ako dyan. haha".

We are now bound to take the PINAKA-hardest part of our lives, my dear SENIORS

and that will be "COLLEGE"

The Hardest Part of our High School Life

Sorry for not updating my blog.

"A friend is a gift you give yourself."

For every friend that I lean on to, there were gifts that I've received and that was happiness and love. I asked myself, "what if I was in college?, was there any people in college that I can be with?". Here, I realized that friendship have hardest parts in their life.

I remember that time when I was in Chevalier School, with my former classmates, they always teach me how friendships last. Because of my immaturity, I was not able to follow what they've said. Instead of being others-centered, I always think of myself, in every problem they've been through.
No wonders I am mortified by my classmates last time.

Here, I realized that my friends were correct, I was so boastfui at that time, I was not been able to say "sorry" to them and to say "thank you" to them. Even they teased me that I was an immatured person.

Then the next 3 consecutive years, when I was in IPSA then, same attitude as I was in Chevalier School. Same immaturity that I treated to my classmates there. I knew this situation could be worse because what I did to them. Like in CAT, I was kind of moody then, I tried to be quiet, so that they would realize what they did to me. From lonesomeness to confrontations and conversations, I talked to my classmates who were both mad at me and close to me so that I knew what seemed to be the problem.

And there, it end all our conversations. From conversations to realization, until then, I thought that I did to them was correct, but it end up to nothing. "Why I should face the truth and seek faith to God?". I succeed after the situation. But there's still missing..

Where are my friends? They lose their trust in me because of what I did before. But now, I changed my attitude because I found them all in one roof.

The SENIORSPEDS, they were the ones who completed me. They were the ones who kept me strong and more confident. And take note, they were the gifts of God. Without them, I am nothing.

Oh no, up to now, I still have a "senioritis". I can barely sleep or eat, depressed because I miss them a lot. :]

re-paint my orange sky
squeeze it out and I'll
"keep it all together"
hold it in forever. :(

SPEDS. "kita-kits tayo sa Pinas", WAIT FOR ME..