2017: "Push and Claim" Season

Too many thoughts in mind and because of that, I forgot to rant posts last year. I’ve just realized while I’m reading my blog that a year without it is like having a deep sleep in a manned aircraft going to and back from Mars *poof*. Science! (Still a study I guess).  

Going back, how’s my 2016? The whole year was filled with mixed memories especially the last quarter: (1) we had our 4th anniversary, even though we didn’t celebrate that day, we are both thankful that He’s always there all the time. And if you’re reading this blog, thanks for everything - for the love and understanding. Looking forward for more fruitful memories and joyful adventures with you. (2) I also watched for the first time an international a capella competition which happens here in the Philippines. It’s fun and exciting to watch especially when you’re with people who have same interests, I hope I could form one and join the said competition next year. (3) Of course, Christmas is all about the grace of God - JESUS and celebration - more time to spend with the whole family and friends, I found a video of the whole family singing “Feliz Navidad” posted by my cousin last year and I’m a hundred percent sure Papang and Mamang (my grandfather and my grandmother) from above will be glad seeing us complete and I’ll be missing the closing remarks where Papang says his deepest gratitude in front of us. Nothing really beats the spirit of Christmas. 

Now what’s next, Kev? And what does your post title mean? What is going to happen this year? 

I don’t know, I’m clueless but I’m very grateful that He has done great things in the past 24 years of my existence - all circumstances I have in mind, He really orchestrated it. I know this is the year of believing that He will do greater ones because He knows beyond what we know and He is in control. Yes, I have plans and goals to be reminded of and I’m on the right track - like in my career (He placed me in a position that I want and I’m grateful to have this opportunity), in the ministry (where I’ll never forget of the only thing that I do and that is to glorify God), in my relationship (that He’s always at the center) and in my personal life (He never fails to surprise me and He’s always with me through thick and thin). I don’t really know but I believe He will do greater things in every area of my life - that’s what the second word “Claim” means to me. The first word “Push” means believing corresponds with a lot of effort, we believe in the power of God and from that, it urges us to do things and even the things that we haven’t done before. Claiming for this season and "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13, Eph. 3:16).


Live, Work, Share, Love

It's the second week of December and there lots of things that I'm grateful for this year:

"Be Strong"

One day, I had a quiet time with Him (forgot the exact verse) and He told me to be strong. I still keep it and never release it in my heart because it serves as my motivation whenever I'm down and I believe that GOD is working even though trials are coming in my life. And I pray that next year, GOD will tell lots of encouraging words like the said title and if my heart overflows, I'll share this kind of experience to my friends as well as to those people who really need God in their lives. I'm really excited for this. Thank you LORD for your encouraging words!

"We Gotta Work! Work!"

As you've notice my past posts and statuses in my blog, most of them are about my college life.. those awesome and joyful years at my beloved university but because I spend 8 hours of work a day (except Saturdays and Sundays), I have less time composing blogs about what I'm doing, what I'm thinking right now and other stuffs. Working as a technical support for 2 years is really a great blessing for me. Those stressful weekdays with the IT peeps, Christmas party presentations and unending projects for my skill set improvement are the moments that I won't forget. Time really flies so quickly.

Share The Gifts You Have

I had fun teaching students on how to play their instruments and how to sing their hearts out. For couple of months, I've learned one thing which is also applicable in my daily life and that's "patience", kids are so active and because they are, they forget sometimes what you said or taught and after that.. they will commit a mistake. And to learn from it is to repeat what they've missed (of course don't forget to add a compliment on what they've achieved and to smile while you correct their mistakes).

3 Years of Relationship/Friendship

So thankful for having her in my life! To my special someone who never fails to make me happy, who really loves me so much and loves GOD more than me. Thank you for telling me to focus always on Him, for supporting me in every thing that I do, for listening to my shallow stories. More anniversaries to come my love! I would like to say this quote from Anonymous, "no matter how far apart we are, you will always be in my heart".

Praying for knowledge and wisdom to write more blogs about life, music and a lot more. Come on! I'm really excited for next year!


Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015! :)

Thinking of the word "New Year" means another year to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones, to experience joy and sorrows in life, to learn and unlearn things that has been made this year and to celebrate it with a blast and to know more about God (His greatness and His promises)

The year 2014 for me is so memorable like a flower that blooms when pouring water and exposing it under the sun then fades when lacking both. Even though I experienced ups-and-downs in life, I know that God's is my source and He's always there for me.

My most memorable quarter of this year is the last one:
- Celebrated Christmas with my officemates, with my friends at Church, at school and inside the subdivision and with my extended family (from both sides).
- Enjoyed a 3-day vacation at Baguio City with the Pangilinan family, the temperature in the city I think right now is lower than the cooling capacity of the air-con. *laugh*
- "So blessed that we meet each other almost every week" #waybee
- Naki-Paskuhan and of course saw the much-awaited fireworks display (liked the a capella mashup music background)
- Got challenged doing musical scores that's focused more on a capellas and teaching it to my officemates but that effort paid off.
- Confirmed that I have a spiritual gift, thank you Lord for this wonderful gift and for making me an instrument to minister to other people.
- Experienced His unending love despite of the challenges I had encountered.

Before we end this year, I just want to thank the Lord for everything (for protecting/loving me and my family and for revealing me Your words and Your plans to me). I declare that this coming 2015 will be a successful, productive, adventurous and prosperous one.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! God bless us all!

P.S.: I can't wait making another set of faith goals and bucket lists for the coming year.


A Thanksgiving Day

Thank You Lord for this wonderful month that:

- You made my days productive (in work, at home or church), 'cause through You, I can do all things (parang kanta yun ah?
- You never fail to make me happy all the time, I remember one Sunday that "God's the source of happiness". We're surely be awed by His creations as well as by His greatness that through faith we could experience that kind of happiness.
- At times of suffering, You're still there, comforting me, waiting for me to listen to my prayers and thank You for guiding and protecting me and my family.
- You continually providing me the things that I need in my everyday life (saying yes to financial breakthough). Continue to pour out the blessings that I'll share it to others who are in need. 
- You continually reaching out those people who are ready to experience Your unending love. I pray for their spiritual growth that they will know what their purpose is (by God's word). 
- We (me and #waybee) celebrated our second anniversary, that You'll continue to be the center of our relationship and that You'll keep us guided by Your voice. 

There are a lot things Lord to thank for and hopefully this or maybe next year, I'll write a song for You. I know that "nothing's impossible" with You (Luke 1:37).

"I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High" - Psalm 7:17


Midyear Thoughts

Oh July! It's so fast. Parang kailan lang naghahanap ako ng work at laging nasa bahay but now, what a blessing the He has given to me.

There are a lot of areas that I should pray and claim for this month:
1.) closer and intimate relationship with God (made my faith goals for this mid-year)
2.) quality time with the family and relatives
3.) quality time with #waybee
4.) bonding time with my friends and batchmates/colleagues
5.) work schedule (hopefully it'll be a constant one)
6.) improving and enhancing my skills in the field of Information Technology and in the field of Music
7.) learning more about the the act of worship (composing a song of Yours)
8.) praying that I'll be healthy and fit
9.) receive more blessings this month until the end of the year  

Whatever plans You have for me, let Your will be done. :)