End of Summer "Countdown" - Part 1

And because summer ends today, I'll make a post on what I've done this summer. 

Chapter 1: No Work - Feel Good Policy

That was the time when I applied in many companies but neither one of them replied nor called. I played my musical instrument in the morning because I miss Vaio, Saxy, Yuki, Pluto and Gui (violin, saxophone, ukulele, flute and guitar) and played basketball with my good old pals inside our subdivision every afternoon and having dinner with my family (when at home) or hanging out with the same friends (after playing basketball). Thank God, He doesn't want me to waste my days just for nothing. He gave me actually a good company which my sister showed support and endeavor in accompanying me at the building where I will take the exam and pass the resume(usually companies have series of tests but I am very frightened when there's an interview coming in) but it turned out to nothing (the reason is stated at 1st Month in OJT ). Good thing one company (which is inside the university) accepted me. 

Chapter 2: When The Feeling Is Gone

I know that it is His will to be followed, based on what I read couple of hours ago. 

"The LORD foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples. But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations." - Psalm 33:10-11

There will be a right time that Ms. Right will come into my life and I'll love her and cherish this moment together. Natuto na ako and there's no need to contemplate and cry sometimes. I guess I must love You first more than anybody else. I pray that this feeling will soon be gone. And yes, there's no need to expect but I hope you're happy .

Chapter 3: Welcome Lord!

A week after I worked inside our university, weekend comes and I think of having Him once more in my life, from being a hopeless-romantic to a young devotee. I started playing in a worship team as a violinist and I sometimes played other instruments. Music made me linked once more to God; as our pastor said that "music can only be worship when your heart is set to Him". I'm very thankful that every Sunday I heard His wonderful word and the songs that came from the bible and written by well-known Christian songwriters and artists. 

Daily devotions and singing songs of praise and worship is my habit (sana kahit may pasok ako, magagawa ko parin ito). Hopefully, my relationship with You will never end. I know there are challenges coming in my life and we (me and Him) will be the one to handle it (tandem, ika nga!). Read more on Those Blessed Days. *smile*



Those Blessed Days

Trying to discipline myself to make things organized (lalo na malapit na pasukan at IT graduate in the making)  and to unlearn what I have learned from the past.

Like for instance last Sunday, I was a bit inattentive on the preaching. Even though I knew the topic (that was in the blog "A Day Rememb'ring Your Presence". Alam ko, parang may kulang sa napakinggan ko sa service last Sunday. 

May 26, Saturday

That was quarter to 9 then when I tested all my church mates about their range of voice or they called "vocalization" (thanks to Him that I have a bit talent to play the piano). After an hour, our pastor shared a video about praise and worship from which after the video she further explained to us about it. Thanks to her because she gave us discipline that should be done while we are in the church (that we should have a notebook to jot down what are the important values that our preacher preaches and better with a bible to know His word) and while we worship Him. 

May 27, Sunday

And thus the service begun. Jotted down, read what I've wrote, listened to the preacher and read the verses in the screen without any distractions.  After the preaching, our pastor blessed us because we followed her advice not because it is a requirement but to deepen the relationship with God and to continue to keep in touch with Him. And because of that, the burden inside my heart was taken away (nabunutan ng tinik sa dibdib, ika nga). 

I think this is my preparation for making me more responsible in making things done and organize things that aren't done. Lalo na, 4th year na ako, I'll keep on praying so that He will guide me in finishing my degree and working from a good company, hopefully. *smile* 

And with all of these I'll continue to praise and worship Him. Oh, how great is Your faithfulness, GOD. 


1st Month in OJT

May 22, 2012

Can't even move to my place where lots of opened files are at my desktop, nakakapag-facebook naman ako dito at twitter, and reading current news on the internet when I got sick in programming the website that we wish our boss will surely show it to his clients.

I remember the moment when I wasn't been accepted yet in UST-STEPS, wherein I applied in different companies where I wish to work. By the time they accepted me, companies are calling and messaging me on the phone and e-mailing on the internet about the day of the interview and when should I start working on a particular company who call/text/message me. 

In conclusion: He(God) gave me lots of opportunities to work in a good company but at that moment I hindered it because of being impatient (which we needed to find a company because they told us when will be its deadline).

But I wasn't disappointed in my decision. I chose to work inside the university for some reasons:

1.) To be prepared and to face the kind of culture which is the same as outside the company. I guess after graduation (by the time I'll work at a good company), I will never be shocked. 
2.) To gain more knowledge beyond what we have learned in the past 3 years in the university
3.) (Which is a very logical answer) To be satisfied at my own decision

And guess what.. last 2 weeks, it's our 1st month working in the university. *smile*



A Day Rememb'ring Your Presence

Saturday, May 19  

10:30 am

After we finished submitting our requirements in our on-the-job training, me and my fellow block mates suddenly planned 1 (actually we had 5 rounds *laugh*) round of computer game.  From our college, we were suddenly heading to a place where we sit around and talk about random things. 

After 3 hours.

The awkward moment when you were playing at the internet cafe then random thoughts suddenly popped in my mind; the wonderful smile and the times we talked on the phone (I'm staying outside the dorm to make our conversation longer by the time she called).

6:30 pm

On my way to my hometown with my mother, they stayed at my unit to ask prescription at the out-patient clinic. So it's a 2-hour drive and random thoughts popped again in my mind which made me feel like singing "In Another Life" by Spongecola. I know that she doesn't feel the same way.

The night before I sleep

*Facebook mode* as the usual. Then at the news feed, there goes her picture with her friends. I'll never ask that question "how is she and her work?" because I know she's fine.Then I prayed to Him that whatever it may be Lord, let Your will be done. Then *knockout*

Why are these things happening to me but in her part "parang wala lang, deadma"? There are times that I want to make myself busy as what she have said but when there are times that I'm idle in work bigla nalang akong napapatunganga.

Sunday, May 20

 @ Church

The message is about overcoming struggles in life and deepening the relationship with God and in line with the message, the preacher shared his life experiences to all of us. Then I wanted to cry a bit, I don't know why? I silently prayed again to Him.

All I can say is.. I MISS HER, but again I know that she doesn't feel the same way. *sigh*