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Kevin Pangilinan
Inhinyerong Tomasino  

We Brought Home The Trophy!

February 12, 2010

Singing the Wrath of David, Dies Irae and the inspiring song about the Unity of Filipinos, Magkaisa with full force and mixed feelings, I didn't heard my voice while I'm singing on stage, same thing as my co-chorale.

We Will Bring It BACK!, as the OV alumni shirt says.

T'was a remarkable day for the ONE VOICE ENGINEERING CHORALE as we brought home a bacon at the Faculty of Engineering. 

We felt the pressure within ourselves but as they announced our Faculty as People's Choice Award and as well as the Himig Tomasino 2010 Champion, WOOOH!!, OV felt again the spirit of being a CHAMPION, straightforward to the trophy that we've got. And as we've sung the song "We Are An Offering", we totally gave thanks to the LORD our GOD, for giving us not just wonderful voices but purity in our hearts.

As a newbie/first timer in OV, I finally experienced winning in a chorale competition with all the effort of practicing every evening (exempted there was the bonding moments we've shared in each and everyone of us). Thank you for welcoming me and my co-first timers in One Voice Engineering Chorale
Thank you to our dear OV Alumni and to the whole Faculty of Engineering especially the Engineering Student Council for giving us full support. 

Special mention to my INSPIRATION, whoever she is. :)