Teachers' Day, Their Big Day

December 21, 2008

A big celebration for our teachers because of they are the ones who provide us especially SENIORSPEDS education. I'll put on my mind that "education is the key to success". That's why I'm here today, writing blogs am I right?

Because they give us good education, we appreciate them by composing songs, giving thanks and showing them how we love our teachers . Like what we were doing last 5 days.

But this celebration does not end. Thanks to the SENIORSPEDS because they are the ones who show their love and respect to our dearly teachers. Of course, I love SENIORSPEDS. "sinong aangal? ha?!?, shibalu!"

Seniorspeds Do The Move

December 22, 2008

Battle of the Bands
Band Groups in our year, they are "Cover Your Ears", "Kaka Roach", my group and the "Medea Band" and other band groups in other year.

The KAKA ROACH band. :D

I thought our band will never made to the top but we've garnered 4th place. Plus, our co-batchmates, the Medea Band garnered 1st place. The Seniorspeds again made it to the top.

Christmas Will Always Be In Our Hearts

December 17, 2008

Our "Alay sa Pasko" Carolling Contest was held in our
school at exact 10:30 am (guys, i'm not sure about the time. haha.Laughing Pictures, Images and Photos) but before that, we practiced all our songs plus! the formation that our adviser and my classmates taught us to do plus! our costumes.

Then after that, the competition started and because I'll be the one to play the guitar, I'm so tense starting from head to foot. But one of my co-batchmates wants to have a intermission number after the said competition so I accept it (aba, matibay!).

Then during our presentation, our judges turned up into this:

while us doing:

thanks to our adviser who gave us support before doing our presentation and also to my classmates who participate in this kind of event.

But wait, after the said competition, thanks to my co-batchmates who help me to do this intermission number.

I hope this friendship will never last. sad Pictures, Images and Photos

Christmas is Coming, What Should I Do?

What should I do?

The first thing I should do is to finish our caroling this coming December 17, 2008, because this will be our way to our Lord and to our Messiah, Jesus Christ. notes.... Pictures, Images and Photos

Then I will give 4 Christmas cards, one for my parents, my friends, my love ones, and of course I'll never forget, my enemies.

And I'll give my present to a special person who inspires me to do good things, and of course who takes care of me, especially when I have problems, she comforts me and of course she loves me. Guess who guys?

That's my top 3 things that I should do, so make sure guys that you should do anything on or before Christmas Day. smile Pictures, Images and Photos

Let's Do The Move Youth!

December 3, 2008

In to the YFC Center in Dammam, but no one was there in the place. Our SFC Leaders came 2 minutes before the time we came to the Center. I've waited for 30 mins until my Co-Youths came. I thought this training camp was just only an ordinary camp but I saw the logo "Big Brother Training Camp", like Pinoy Big Brother they acted the way Big Brother talk. Before that, they gave us 15 rules of BB Training Camp. Then we've started our 1st talk in the boys room where we designed our boxes (the first task that Big Brother told us to do), after that the discussion proper. Then we ate delicious dinner with my Co-Youths. All of us look groggy because others came from school then straight-away to the Center. After that Big Brother allowed us to take a nap so that tomorrow we will start our 2nd talk, then off to bed. KNOCKOUT...

December 4, 2008

"Pinoy ikaw ay pinoy..." i still remember our wake-up call. Proper hygiene and of course eating time. Then we went to the activity area where we finished our 2nd talk, 3rd talk and 4th talk. Then after those talks, THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL "PARTY TIME!!", we dance, we watch them how to dance. haha.Laughing emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos
After the party, our whole body get worse but we do bonding with each other, talking for somethingthinking Pictures, Images and Photos

December 5, 2008

After 2 days of laughter and conversation with each other, of course we never forget the LORD who gave us power and strength since birth until now.pray Pictures, Images and Photos
Our 5th talk, I admit it, I'm still sleepy then because I didn't sleep earlier because of what happen yesterday. After the 5th talk, we praise, we thank, we ask forgiveness, we hear the word of GOD by singing, jumping higher to the Lord and last but not the least, our SFC leaders give us awards that we accept.

Of course we are the Most Creative Group.clapping Pictures, Images and Photos and the Early Bird.clapping Pictures, Images and Photos

And there you have it. A wonderful day to us, youth leaders and future leaders in other days.