Reviewing My College Life (1st to 3rd Year)

I realize all the facts that made me feel a bit challenged like these following words:

malapit na tayong gumraduate no? 

ang bilis naman ng panahon, 4th year na nga tayo?!

sisikap akong mag-aral this coming semester. 
(but during semester, you're with your pals in watching movies and playing Rockband - this part I surely missed)

after college. :"> 
(this was said last semester, it's not actually a promise but she said it cause I'll know at that point, she will do it - I guess. No worries. Just earning trust)

thinking about where you will work and stay after college, thinking about the future itself

can't wait to throw away my mortar, receiving my diploma and going out of the arch - the Thomasian way

Some of the best facts you've seen which I could possibly have a white strand of hair when I used to think it over and over again *laugh*. But of course, after this part will end, these things will be remembered. 

As of this year I remember some of the things I enjoyed and lots of people that I've met when I entered in this university:

The subjects that I've taken and now it is stored in my mind and the professors whom me and my classmates have met (mapaterror man o hindi). I will surely miss them. (1 year nalang) :)

Like one of them is my past (almost 2 years of relationship and ended up suddenly), she surely knows that even we part ways, she must not hinder herself from that awkward feeling and letting it go so that she can merely focus on her studies (not to interfere your life but I hope this advice will fill in your heart). I can't say that there will be a possibility (you know what these words mean) but always remember that only GOD knows the plan of each individual (he can also count the strands of our hair).

Like we won for the second time (first year and third year) in an intercollegiate chorale competition inside our university. Victory for each of us and glory to HIM. This kind of bonding will surely be remembered.

Like I've met some special (literally *laugh* kidding) friends inside my own classroom. That's what friends are for (you know what I mean) and of course my beloved sections  during my time in Information Systems and in Information Technology

The moment when I was shifting from Information Systems to Information Technology. *BOOM!* God planned that I deserve this course and I'm thankful for that. 

I've entered few organizations which I met people there and spent a lot of time with them when there are projects to be finished and anything involved in their standards. 

My super friend (referring to that girl in my previous blogs), you are remembered. The things that you've made, the exchange conversations (revelations), the voices we blend (because she's also a singer *puri*). I hope that this kind of friendship won't end. *sudden change of mood* 

GOD, thank You that I met these awesome people and encountered things during my college life. Can I ask one thing for you? 


eto po. :) I'll make sure to study harder and keep in touch with You.. always. 


The Girl, "In My Dreams"

Before you read this post, I hope you all could understand my feelings about this girl.

Actually, I like her since i was in Grade 6, medyo bata pa kami para magkagusto ako sa kanya. She was very pretty (fair complexion, long hair, beautiful eyes, precious smile, good appearance), these are the attributes of an ideal girl (kaya ko nga siyang nagustuhan, diba?) . When you see her, you can't resist smiling or being fluttered much. 

The girl that made me in a "locked-jaw" situation is.. HIndi ko na palalampasin ito.

Kathryn Bernardo. :">

My lifetime crush, I wish I could see you in personal (in the meantime, I'll invite you to date with me *laugh*). 

That's all! :)


"Imagine" Part 2


K: pakisabi nalang.. mahal ko siya :) (if she only knows it.)

C:  bakit kailangan ako? Mas maganda at mas kinikilig siya pag galing sayo.. (if C knows)

K: pinaparemind ko lang po.. baka mauntog yan, kalimutan ko. *sad face* (that situation happens today)

C: malabo ata mangyari yun, because she knows and she knows it well. (IKR friend!)

K: kinilig talaga ako nung monday.. (di halata no?) *laugh*. Ayun, ngayon week lang akong kinilig ng ganire (Monday - the day of her spectacular performance)

C: panira ako eh! di ako masyadong kinilig tulad ninyo kasi ako lang nakakaalam nung gagawin niya *laugh*
(closest friend nga naman oh) Pero ang sweet niya nun, siguro mas sweet kung ikaw yung kumakanta at hahaplusin mo yung mukha niya habang kinakantahan mo siya, to the max na yung scene kapag napatayo mo siya at sinama sa stage at doon kinantahan (Honestly, I can't do that kind of scene not just because I'm so afraid to sing with her on-stage or something, It's becasue I'm not her co-contestant in the competition. *laugh*) sabi nga ni *******, the word "imagination" OMG. (okay!)

K: contestant ba ako dun? 

C:: hindi, lover este admirer lang niya.. parang intermission number lang teh *laugh* (The intermission number - t'was a remarkable performance we'd made. She made me happy at that time despite of being disappointed in school works and she watched our concert. I was so grateful then because of her very supportive act also with C *happy*)



3rd Year, Second Semester Is On!

Finally, I passed all my subjects and bracing myself for another school year. Thanks to our professor whom they've taught us values which will mold our attitude and knowledge as well (based on the subject they've handled). On-the-job training is coming so we need to brace ourselves this coming Summer Semester. 

At last! 4th year na rin ako! It's my last year to burn my eyebrows. Even without honors, I'll end this line without a failing grade! LORD, guide me and my batchmates that all of us will graduate.