Done With My Compo - The Girl

After 6 months, with God's grace (without Him, I'm nothing), inspired to a girl who's very humble to other people and a lots of chocolates to stay awake (I realize that too much wasn't good also) *laugh*. Anyways, I love making musical compositions, especially when I'm so inspired to someone or maybe a love arrow shot suddenly approaching towards my heart. I wish I can make dozens to my Savior because of what He has done.

The song's all about waiting for the woman's response if she will return that kind of love/admiration to the man. Kung sino ka man, nasa sa'yo din naman ang pasya.. And I guess that response didn't come. *sigh*

"The Girl"


A long ago, I met this friend of mine
that brought me back the joy, for just a little while
one day, I'm pretending that "I'm fine" 
but when she looks around, oh what a precious eyes and smile

the tenderness inside
that made me so alive (baby..)
I'll tell her that one day 
"believe me when I say (this).." 

girl, won't you tell me, that you admire me too, 
I just can't take away this feeling, by the moment I saw you/of being love by you,
girl won't you tell me, that you will love me too, 
and just remember I'll keep on waiting.. dreaming, hoping, praying to be with you.

months and days have passed, there's nothing left to do,
Oh, without you, "what am i supposed to do?"

And just remember, I'll keep on waiting, DREAMING, HOPING, PRAYING to be with you.. :)