2017: "Push and Claim" Season

Too many thoughts in mind and because of that, I forgot to rant posts last year. I’ve just realized while I’m reading my blog that a year without it is like having a deep sleep in a manned aircraft going to and back from Mars *poof*. Science! (Still a study I guess).  

Going back, how’s my 2016? The whole year was filled with mixed memories especially the last quarter: (1) we had our 4th anniversary, even though we didn’t celebrate that day, we are both thankful that He’s always there all the time. And if you’re reading this blog, thanks for everything - for the love and understanding. Looking forward for more fruitful memories and joyful adventures with you. (2) I also watched for the first time an international a capella competition which happens here in the Philippines. It’s fun and exciting to watch especially when you’re with people who have same interests, I hope I could form one and join the said competition next year. (3) Of course, Christmas is all about the grace of God - JESUS and celebration - more time to spend with the whole family and friends, I found a video of the whole family singing “Feliz Navidad” posted by my cousin last year and I’m a hundred percent sure Papang and Mamang (my grandfather and my grandmother) from above will be glad seeing us complete and I’ll be missing the closing remarks where Papang says his deepest gratitude in front of us. Nothing really beats the spirit of Christmas. 

Now what’s next, Kev? And what does your post title mean? What is going to happen this year? 

I don’t know, I’m clueless but I’m very grateful that He has done great things in the past 24 years of my existence - all circumstances I have in mind, He really orchestrated it. I know this is the year of believing that He will do greater ones because He knows beyond what we know and He is in control. Yes, I have plans and goals to be reminded of and I’m on the right track - like in my career (He placed me in a position that I want and I’m grateful to have this opportunity), in the ministry (where I’ll never forget of the only thing that I do and that is to glorify God), in my relationship (that He’s always at the center) and in my personal life (He never fails to surprise me and He’s always with me through thick and thin). I don’t really know but I believe He will do greater things in every area of my life - that’s what the second word “Claim” means to me. The first word “Push” means believing corresponds with a lot of effort, we believe in the power of God and from that, it urges us to do things and even the things that we haven’t done before. Claiming for this season and "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13, Eph. 3:16).