Heat of Summer Sunshine

Twas a good day for me because I spending my day with my summer sunshine. 

What will I do this summer?

Bonding with my Family? of course.

More relationship with HIM? that's a BIG YES for me. I'm in state of spiritual hunger and thirst.


Relaxation? bring it on. zzzzzz. :)


Looking for someone? nah!

Composing Songs?

Programming 101? give me a break.

Guitar Sessions? Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements.

UNLITXT all the time? hahaha. :)

Updating my social networks such as FacebookTumblrFormspring, and others? 

Fixing my papers to shift to another course, Information Technology? I wish, Let YOUR will be done. :) 

Break a leg young man. :)

Kevin Pangilinan
Inhinyero Tomasino. :) 

Reminiscing My Second Semester

I'm almost there! 

But of course I won't forget the memories I've caressed this second semester? Why should I do this? In the first place, there are times that I'm getting emotional all through out the semester. I guess there are some reasons why I'm emotionally stressed:

Studies? Yes, those majors and minors na nagpapakamajor but I've even proven myself that I won't give up this semester as well as passing the final exam even though I'm emotionally stressed because of having low grades causing me more confidence to pass but in my part will be procrastination.

Friends? I guess so. I'm gradually decreasing my self-esteem and confidence because some of my friends who helped me to exercise my qualities are those who are bringing me down. That will be a compliment for me for being a bit immature. I admit it actually. Those whom I offended so much, please forgive me for what I've done this semester. That will be all for a young man with that kind of attitude.

Oh well, let's get rid of that stupid and unreliable problems. 

Let's proceed to the good side...

1.) Me and some of my batchmates so-called SENIORPEDS and former batchmates in CS celebrated Christmas party at University of Santo Tomas.

2.) A successful Engineering Week with my Engineering Student Council Family. Love y'all guys.

3.) Me and my co-Engineering One Voice Chorale crowned People's Choice Award and Champion of the Himig Tomasino 2010. A grateful day for all the chorale (alumni and students).

Those are the unforgettable moments that I've encountered this second semester. Find out more. :)