Di Na Mababawi - Spongecola (Cover)

I know that it isn't time for me to shine and to grab people's attention.

But at this moment. I want to post this video in my blogspot.

A cover of Di Na Mababawi - Spongecola. Last 4th year, I sang this song in the stage with my co-batchmates or should I say "co-Seniorspeds".

Enjoy watching this video of my cover. :D

Aba! USTe na Ako! Entry: Dias en la Unibersidad ng Santo Tomas

Días en la Universidad de Santo Tomas (Days at the University of Santo Tomas)
The first time I recognize this university, the expected words coming from people’s mouths, “this is the “Catholic University of the Philippines” and its quality of education that gives provision inside the university. This school is highly known as the Overall Champion in UAAP. And lastly because of the 400 long years of existence at UST, they will celebrate the 400 years of Unending Grace.” These words come out and struck into my heart and my mind to pass the USTET and to study here as a College Freshman at the University of Santo Tomas.
As I explored throughout the university, I felt fresh air that opposes me from walking, I think I’m a paper airplane that flew around the four corners of the University; I guess not because I felt the presence of being a Thomasian student. Until I entered my building and my room which I saw my blockmates inside, still I felt the aura of friendship as just as I felt that time ago. I came out of my shell and introduced who I am. Then I garnered more friends after I introduced myself in front of them. That day we all know each other, I felt the aura of being a true-blooded Thomasian.
This feeling continued even more when my blockmates and I bonded with each other inside and outside the university. I saw some of my classmates since high school who were also Certified Thomasians, we took a trip to UST. That doesn’t end my unforgettable experience as a Thomasian. Here I joined organizations inside the University, from membership forms and interviews and finally as a member. Even though they’re non-profit organizations, I still have experiences in life joining it and these organizations will be presented on your work at the future and as they know you’re a Certified Thomasian. Black-Gold-Black-White experiences will fall through when I enjoy my life even more, here at the University of Santo Tomas. ABA! USTe na ako!

Organization Blast

So, how's it going after 3 weeks at University of Santo Tomas?

It's great and I absolutely love my course but in the later time I'll still find another course in the College of Engineering and I found new friends and like high school, activeness came in my brain; but I think there's something missing in continuing my college life at the university, or maybe I'm just stressed for the past three weeks.

It seemed like you've stressed out yourself in 3 consecutive weeks, but is there any possibility that you'll be active in your University?

Actually, that's my plan for the 4th week in this university. Not to be famous but to gain experience in entering/joining some organizations and stuffs is my answer to a tie-breaking question. Think about yourself, you're FAMOUS but do you have the guts to prove them that you're the one? That was I meant before I entered this university.

During the 2nd week, I'm interested on joining organizations in UST, first I found our organization that our co-IS students introduced to us and that was "Information System Society". then I knew that I like benefits and experiences when I am in this organization, so I found the "Red Cross Youth Council", this was introduced by our co-Engineering students who joined in this organization plus our professor, I was interest on that then.

This was my first 2 organizations that gave pure interest in my mind and my heart. Find out what will be the next organization that I will be joining...