Last 10 Minute Countdown

What will be my greatest wishes before the countdown arrive?

First of all, more birthdays to come (to have long life), as usual.

Second, to have high grades and to finish my course, Information Systems at the University of Santo Tomas.

Third, to nourish all my talents (whether in sports or in academics) like to pass all my exams and tryouts.

Fourth, to have peace in each and everyone of us and to have no distant relationships between us (laging stick-to-one ika nga).

Fifth, good health and safety, wherever I go.

Sixth, that my family and my relatives are safe and also in good health.

And lastly, to have more relationship with GOD, because he's the one who guides me everytime I'm in trouble.

I have many wishes to find out. But of course this are considered "major wishes".

Inhinyerong Tomasino

I'd Like You To Meet...

For those who know me, please bear with my situation. haha!

After 2 months of friendship, I'd like you to meet.

The 1IS-E, Information Systems, College of Engineering from the University of Santo Tomas

Let's start with,

1.) Ron - our president in 1IS-E, he's well-frank but wild, RAWR! (sabi nga nia sa facebook. :D)

2.) Dude - our secretary in 1IS-E and one of my close friends, she's too quiet in our classroom, quite hilarious but intelligent at the end.

3.) Jodi - our treasurer in 1IS-E, my closest friend. :), I knew she's the ramp model of 1IS-E but she's so intelligent and she's one of our scholars in our section. She properly serve her organizations (by the way she joined 5 organizations).

4.) MC - our PRO in 1IS-E, now I remember him!. Our famous speaker in our class, quite intelligent and he always asks questions to our professors.

5-7.) Gelo, Erik and Celsus - these three are my comrades!, (ika nga, walang iwanan. haha.), atsaka mga chickboy mga 'to.XD

8-11.) Kamille, Cath, Janelle, Diana - matatalik na kaibigan ni Ron, I knew they're close to each other since first day of school, (I offended one of his friends, pagpasensyahan niyo na ako, SORRY. :()

12.) Vince - kauna-unahang kakilala ko sa 1IS-E,

13.) Marc - the tall one, the intelligent one (hehe. :D), he sometimes inform me on what to do in the YELLOW DAY!, honestly I don't know about that.

14.) Jemin - our blockmate who came from Korea, same birthday, same favorite football team, same sports (right? :D).

15-16.) Hawie & Caio - magagaling sa basketball mga 'to. nagulat ako because they're the ones who gain laughter to our classroom (in short nagbibigay-sigla sa classroom.XD)

17.) MJ - guitar hero, funny and pa-cute antiques, that was his characteristics in 1IS-E.

18-19.) Jervin & Paolo - the both papa-P (papapogi.wapee.XD), they both came from Don Bosco Makati, tandem in all situations.

20-21.) Lar & Jown - these two were close friends in and outside the 4 corners of UST. (arte no? XD)

22-23.)Arthur & Ava - the perfect match, once he sings, she always lend her ears on him. (sweet no?)

24.) Herb - a computer whiz in 1IS-E and active in class (SOLID!). I guess he deserves to get high grades.

25.) JJ - the silencer in our class, WHHHHOOOOOOOOYYYYY!.XD (don't underestimate him because he's also intelligent in class)

26-32.) Hervey, JM, Migs, Ace, Dennis, Ray, Louie - The DOTA boys, sometimes (If I have time) I'm with them playing DOTA, others inclined in basketball, others know how to play the guitar.

33.) Kevs - one of the DOTA boys and inclined also in playing basketball and guitar. But, he's a scholar and one of the intelligent students in 1IS-E.(ENGlupet ano?)

34-37.) Romeo, Harry, Russell & Eric- these four are close friends, minsan nakakausap ko sila, in times they're in need, they approach me.

38.) Gabs - our so called "M.J." in 1IS-E, he sings old and new songs.(pati ako napapasabay sa kinakanta niya. XD).

39-40.) Marianne & Gracelle - Soulmates, right?, these two were meant for each other. (haha. may ganun?)

41-43.) Roxanne, Charles & Daniel - these three were silent but friendly, the first two came from UST High School. For some entities, they're considered as "Love Triangle". (joke lng.XD)

44.) Adrian - he's so active in class and he also plays basketball. Keep it up bro.

45.) Ni
ña - she likes watching UAAP Basketball Season 72 whether in Araneta Colisseum or in Phil. Sports Center. :D

45-50.) JP, Janssen, Eris, Ivan & Patz - ka-brod, whether inside or outside the school. (KTV moments and bonding moments in our house, ipagpatuloy niyo yan.XD)

I guess you know them all.

Oh, I almost forgot.

51.) Pangi - and that's me. You know all my characteristics. :)

This was just for fun. okay?.


First "Burden" In College

What I've done in the past two months?

1.) Organizations in UST (ESC, ISYS, RCYC and EFC), I knew these were my opportunities to be physically and mentally active.

2.) Academics, I've learned a lot from my professor and I knew I could handle these subjects until I'll become a college graduate.

I can handle those organizations I had joined but on the academic side, I need to divide myself into two so that I can balance myself to those activities (extra-curricular and academics). Successfully, I adjusted myself from balancing those two activities in 2 consecutive months. I hope this will continue my adjustment. And I knew GOD will guide me in adjusting those activities.

And here I go, taking the first "burden" in college which is the "Preliminary Examination" on August 11-14, 2009. I'll continue my study habits and pray to HIM that I'll pass this exam and the following exams in advance.

I know I can do this.