I'll Go For...

Even though I"m not a valid voter, I'll go straight for Liberal Party!

For those who are registered to vote, be aware to whom you'll vote for. VOTE WISELY! :)

Words Mentioned Toward Success

I remember those unforgettable moments that I have given so much efforts. I won't mention them but I will use WORDS to broaden and understand what I'm trying to comprehend to you.

TIME - when I was in a soccer championship match, I remembered shouting "kill the time!" in finishing the match and guess what, WE WON!.

PRESSURE - I experienced having pressure during college exams like UPCATUSTET and DLSUCET. Successfully, I found the right school and course for me. I also experienced having pressure coping up in my lessons, I dare you to try it but keep in pace when coping up and don't deal with the pressure because that will ruin your accuracy in focusing your lessons. 

EFFORT - when I entered college, I remembered failing in one of my exams that made me so devastated in the following days then I doubled my efforts so that I can pass this subject. 

PRAYER - in every step I take, I didn't forget to pray and seek help from our Saviour, because without HIM, something may happen to me. Before competing, I usually go to the church or in a quiet place to ask for protection and guidance and those prayers will bring us out of danger and on top. I assure you that. 

Those are the words that will bring forth to success and remember the word PRAYER before stepping forward. :)