143rd Post - The Real World

Okay, let's talk about living a life in the real world.

When I was in college (4th year), thinking about that word made me feel.. *ugh*, I don't want to earn for a living or I don't want to go to that stage and leave my friends behind or pwede pahinga muna? and a lot more. But when I got my diploma, one question popped out in my mind.. 


Three months after, I began to know more about the Lord. I was so thankful for having Him in my life and He revealed to me that I must move forward with Him and prepare for the next chapter. Two or four months of job hunting is too long but the Lord continually gave me patience to surpass this part. I began facing challenges (some are unexpected) in between those months but because He told me before that I must prepare, I followed Him and I succeeded (thank You Lord!). I finally found a job that suits me and it's official; I'm now in the real world. Bring it on!

First day of work? Honestly? Ayun, pasaway, I was late and I didn't follow the proper work attire and I was thinking "baka masisante na ako kaagad" but thank God it didn't happen. From there they introduced to me my workplace and I said to myself, "uy Mac." LOL! (short for Macintosh) The following days, I started knowing the entire team and some inside the company  na kahit papa'no you need someone to talked to when you deal with stress. Had my first project on the second week and guess what? Developing a website using PHP (yun oh, I'm so excited and my hands are ready). At that time, I prayed that hopefully, I'll finish this project and will be a regular employee after six months.

From that point, I missed my social life hanging out with my family, friends in school, at church and even inside the subdivision and meeting almost everyday with #waybee. Sabi ko nga, welcome to the real world Kevs and you need to stay focused on what needs to be done every time; as what others say "every second/minute counts". In the bright side, I was so blessed that I've learned a lot of things in the real world like earning and budgeting (just like in the college days), using my breaks wisely (because they assigned me in a graveyard shift) and of course driving on my own.


As the result of working hard, dumating na ang aking inaasam. Thank You Lord for the opportunity and for guiding me in the right path. I'm contented of what I have now and I won't waste it. Nga pala, regular na ako!

"Let your character be free from the love of money, being content with what you have; for He Himself has said, "I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you," - Hebrews 13:5


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