Barcelona's Winning Streak

While having a break in my own house, I researched about what happen to Manchester United, as they fought against the defraud Barcelona FC. I knew that time I was disappointed because Chelsea was defeated but let's see if they will succeed against the Red Devils

FC Barcelona
were crowned European champions for a third time – and the second in four seasons – as a vibrant display of pass and move, capped by goals in either half from Samuel Eto'o and Lionel Messi, defeated Manchester United FC in Rome.
(source of

I thought Manchester United won but it was Eto'o (10 mins) and Messi (70 mins) who have tricked out Van De Sar's goalkeeping. Cristiano Ronaldo was threatened when he fired a free kick shot to the Barca Players' Wall. But still they captured the ball.

Congratulations to the Barcelona Football Club. I'll try to watch the game. :)

Bubble Gang, May 22, 2009

This was funny to the max, I watched Bubble Gang, and what we have:

Rico J. Pasimuno and Some Girl - Walang Tulog Buong Gabi (it was at the middle part of the program).

JUST WATCH BUBBLE GANG and you'll know what catastrophe will happen.haha.

here's the link because the embedded player in TVNatin'To was very big.

Enrollment Bash

May 22, 2009

This was an exhaustible but worthful day for me, it all happened when I enrolled all by myself (but I'm with my sister in entering the university) at University of Santo Tomas.

It all started inside the hallway with many incoming freshmen on their way to choose their P.E. course. At that time, I was so embarrassed because they have their schedule with them while choosing their desired P.E. course and I knew they could easily enter. But I wish I could choose the right course in time.

Next destination, P.E registration, the good news was my alternative game in my former school, IPSA and that was Sepaktakraw but the bad news on that was "no SOCCER". And I didn't get ROTC in NSTP but I was so ashamed of myself you'll know why.

Next destination, another Enrolment Procedure, but I wasn't able to complete my requirements so I went to the Registrar's Office at the Main Building.

An imaginative conversation came into my mind:

Kevkev # 1: "mukhang hindi ako makakapasok sa USTe ah?" I felt pressured then.

Kevkev # 2: "ba't andoon ang pangalan ko sa listahan?" While I'm looking at the list because the lady opened the lists of Engineering Freshmen Students and she highlighted my name there.

Kevkev # 1: "baka andoon nga kaso, incomplete requirements naman ako" When the lady went to the front desk
but the lady assigned in the engineering counter said that my requirements were completed so you can go back.

I came back to the gymnasium to look again my name at his laptop, then I'm there and I proceed to the assessment section to get my form. Oh no, I have no classes on Sundays and Mondays, and I was assigned at night classes (4-9 pm) I was ashamed then because I didn't take ROTC as my NSTP, ROTC classes is every 4 hours and every Sundays, I told you that I don't have classes on Sundays and Mondays?. Anyway, then I paid my tuition fee at the payment section. Then I proceed to the ID Picture Section to take my signature and picture.

And finally, I'm certified THOMASIAN STUDENT, with an ID number and schedule of classes.


And that was an enrollment bash day for me.

Barclays on the Run, Man Utd Won

Sorry for the late report..

For a game against Arsenal, Saturday’s match action was strangely forgettable. It was the result that mattered the most to the majority of the 75,000 fans lucky to be inside Old Trafford and no sooner had the final whistle sounded a chant of 18 times and that’s a fact bellowed out from the Stretford End, signifying the successful conclusion to another title race.

- Anonymous (source of, Offical Manchester United Website)

United are once again champions of England and inevitably, it was achieved the hard way, with a nail-biting goalless draw against Arsenal at Old Trafford.

- Steve Bartram (source of, Offical Manchester United Website)

The game was a superb when it became an unbelievable draw (0-0), a nice match between the Arsenal and Manchester United. I knew that Arsenal wasn't their rival in Barclays (it was Liverpool, but I knew they were defeated by the Red Devils). They're both precised in possession and in-made strategy and all the Man Utd fans kept their fingers cross because none of them became successful in having target of the goal. The final whistle prompted delirium among the fans who could finally exhale. Once again, success had been reached and Manchester United had straddled a knife-edge all the way there.

Review: LocoRoco 2 (PSP)

May 14, 2009

I finished the game, LocoRoco 2, a while ago. I thought my sister brought my PSP. But finally, the last game was too bored but I di
dn't know that I finished the game, in just 1 month. Nga naman pag masipag maglaro ng LocoRoco.

LocoRoco, was originated in the game called "Kotaku", improved with highly appreciated animations that kids as well as gamers wanted to play with. It could easily remember the songs in the game that was really addictive in mind. The first impression when I played this game, I thought this gameplay was making me bored but that didn't happen. Because this gameplay has new abilites and elements that add depth in the game. Pero nabitin ako nung naglalaro ako kanina buti natapos ko na yung laro na 'to. Some kind of adventure as it was but like I said earlier, I was uncomfortable enough when I knew I finished this game.

This was about a story of the LocoRocos and their world which were invaded by the evil Mojas. The only thing you do is to tilt the world and to influence the LocoRocos in their way to restore peace and joyous music to the world. There are 7 innocuous characters in this game, they are
Kulche, the Energetic Youngster, Viole, the Confident Tomboy, Budzi, the Loose Cannon, Pekeroné, the Exuberant Geek, Chavez ,the Cool Speed Freak, Priffy, the Style Princess and Tupley, the Voracious Fella. And I badly forgot Mui Mui and Bui Bui (the Good and the Bad Ones) they're giving us sometimes guidance and sometime mischievous aspects to restrain us from saving the world, screw the Bui Bui but not the Mui Mui as well as the Mui Mui King. In the end, it all finished when they all sang the LocoRoco 2 theme song, I didn't know what was the title of the song, I'm addictive but not fanatic.

There were fresh moments that made the gameplay more illusive on the eyes and more replenishable to the person's mind. There were also other tactics and hidden routes in LocoRoco that I need to improve when my sister will play again this game. Guess what, this was my first time to finish a game in my PSP.

Another Groovy Day

May 10, 2009

From Angeles City, Pampanga again, we went to San Fabian, Pangasinan to have a family reunion. We gathered each other and that's not all, we'd played volleyball even we didn't see the ball at night. Kaya ninyo iyon?. Then we did capture the moments that our family spent the day with each other. I knew this was the finest day I have ever experienced in my life.

They're also one of the important persons in my life because they're the ones who gave support to me. They're so-called my jurors and disciplinarians because since birth until now, they give me ample of discipline in doing everything and in making decisions.

That's why we have family gatherings to strengthen our relationship in each and everyone of our family/relatives.

Also an important day to all mothers out there, as well as my mother, who always there for me, my brother and my sister.

So to all mothers out there..


This Was True

May 9, 2009

When I entered my name and my reference number on the De La Salle University website, I found out that I wasn't accepted in DLSU and that was a shocking news.

Look at that, I'm not totally a Lasallite after all, even though I took the DLSUCET in De La Salle Taft, Manila. I cannot be GREEN after all.

That was the GOD's will to prove that I'm proud to be a THOMASIAN.


Proud to Be Thomasian. :)

May 4, 2009

After weeks and months of preparation, GOD finally heard my prayers as I'd passed the interview in the University of Santo Tomas. Actually my course was Bachelor of Science in Information Systems under Faculty of Engineering.

I thought I won't made it to the finish line, because I came a bit late in the Roque Rua
ño Building, where the interview for the Information Technology / Information Systems held. There were many students who had fallen in line starting from 5:30 in the morning until the time I came around. As they called me, I felt too pressured but I knew I can do it. In the end, the interview was so simple but precise and I answered it quickly but in a nice manner and it was based on my cut-off scores on the time that I had taken the USTET.

So here I am, bringing home a bacon, my mom has no doubt that I passed the interview as well as my sister who studied in UST, because she has a companion to be with.

I'm proud to be a Thomasian.