Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013! :)

And I'm back, bringing joy and happiness once more. Let's see..

A week ago, I'm thinking if I will gonna make a blog post (regarding on my New Year's Resolution and reviews all what I've done this year dahil siyempre hindi pa 2013 ngayon). At first, parang ayaw kong gumawa because of being lazy this Christmas season and spending my time with my family and relatives.

I've learned a lot this year 2012 and I'm so blessed even though I'm facing a lot of challenges and problems that made me smile and cry. I agreed on what other people say that this year is an "awesome year" because I know God never leave us alone.

I won't forget this year though. The wonderful experiences, the memories cherished, the triumphs/mini-accomplishments and losses I've made. 

January 2012

"We lift our voices.. we lift our lives, they are Yours, we are an offering". The song we sang after we, the One Voice brought back once more the Himig Tomasino trophy. 

February 2012

Even though this month isn't for me, I'm still blessed. Got enough rest at that time.

March 2012

Finished the year of being a College Junior. One year left and I'm ready to go.

April - May 2012

On-the-job training days. Even though I'm too wasted in this picture, mukhang masaya naman ako developing/designing websites, configuring servers, etc. 

And the moment I came back into His arms, being faithful to His words and used my blessings to honor and please Him. Lord, this coming year. Let Your will be done. Amen.

June - July 2012

The journey of a Thomasian student continues. (Vain much, sorry guys!) LOL.

August 2012

My favorite month of the year. Walang aangal?! The month when I blow my candles. The month when God saved us (me and my mom) from danger. Now I can say that (in this picture) this was my last birthday treat in my college life.

September 2012

Retreat days for the whole batch. Eto, hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan, the joy in our hearts made the days worth remembering. Love you guys. Graduation is near. #4ITC

October 2012

Buckling up, one semester left. Semestral break is on. Grades are fine, thank You Lord. Getting ready for my graduation picture. 

November 2012

All Saint's Day with my family and a bit bonding moments with my cousins. Last semester, let's get it on!

December 2012

Had a field trip/company visits to Cebu and Bohol with my batchmates in IT. It's not just a field trip, I bet to tell you.  

My last "Agape" and "Paskuhan" at UST. I'll gonna miss the lights and the cold breeze while jogging around the field (lalo na kapag may kasama ka) as well as staying late inside the four corners of the university (yung tipong sisitahin ka na ng guard dahil nasa loob ka pa ng UST). And since I'm on my "night schedule", I tend to walk alone from UST to my dorm.

*tick* *tock* *krrrriiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggg* say "so long!" 2012 and "hola!" 2013. Let the Lord's will be done and believe in Him (His words) and He'll give your heart's desire. Happy New Year to everyone! 

New Year Resolutions? Abangan! :)