New Year's Resolution!

New Year's Resolution? What would it be? 

Physical Appearance?
It won't happen at all but if I will continue to improve my daily lifestyle, maybe my physique will change. I'll pray and ask GOD for that.

Bonding with my Family? 
Today, I'm with my mother who came back to celebrate Christmas and New Year in the Philippines. She left my father who worked and temporarily lived in Saudi Arabia. I hope next year, me and my family will celebrate Christmas and New Year TOGETHER.

I shall gain more skills pertaining to blog posting because someone told me that I'm not good in English. Oh well, a quarter of my life is on blogging, so next year it'll be surprising if someone will read my post, no one could ever react. I won't stop BLOGGING. :)

I want to have a saxophone and a ukulele and I'll also try to compose songs. I love to express my emotions through music. GUITAR is my forte but I hope next year, I'll try to use other instruments rather than guitar. :)

In addition for the 2nd semester, I need to improve my programming skills, kinda slow and pressured a little bit but these feelings and emotions will definitely foregone if I'll read more articles and posts about programming, maganda para sa akin hindi ba?.


I don't think it will happen again and again but of course it depends on me. I'll focus more on my studies rather than to be in love. Hindi kasi mapigilan ang paghanga na mapupunta sa pagmamahalan. Arrghh, those corny lines that I've used. 

And lastly..

Think Positive in all the things you like to accomplish. 

YEAR OF THE TIGER coming up! :)

Inhinyerong Tomasino

Top 50 Things I've Done In The Year 2009 - Year Ender Special

There are many things that I've done in the Year 2009 but these TOP 50 things are much important in my life and these things for me are so-called "Blessings and Happenings" that the LORD have given me and will continually give me. 


50.) I spent 2 hours every other day (for the month of April & May) and 1 hour every Sunday playing Basketball.

49.) I had eaten the GROSS-iest food in a five star(?) hotel, Chicken Liver, ain't good to my stomach. 

48.) I experienced Visita Iglesia again after 3 years of stay in Saudi Arabia.

47.) I joined Youth For Christ - Eastern Region, Saudi Arabia and found a way to communicate once more with GOD even though we're in an Arabian culture and up to now I'm still one of the members of YFC.

46.) I collected 7 lanyards ( 6 - UST, 1 - La Salle (thanks to my bestfriend)). 

45.) I finished LocoRoco 2 at my very own PSP, nakakabitin nga eh. :))

44.) I had passed the USTET with the result of Academic Placement before I entered UST, even though I didn't passed my chosen courses I still passed at least 15 courses. Thanks to HIM! :)

43.) In connection to number 45, Within 6 months, I sacrificed not to play my PSP. In short, decrementing one thing for studying purposes.

42.) I had taken the DLSUCET but God didn't want me to study at DLSU that's why I didn't passed the DLSUCET.

41.) I joined on a contest related on photography in our organization, I borrowed my sister's SLR to join this contest.

40.) I experienced playing a ukulele instead of guitar for one week.

39.) I mastered (a bit) the speed stacks even though I'm not too fast.

38.) I served as a member of the Publicity Team, Engineering Student Council

37.) In connection to number 40, I sang 5-7 songs with the use of ukulele.

36.) I was one of the members of the One Voice Chorale at the Faculty of Engineering. Thanks for welcoming me as one of the members of OV.

35.) In connection to number 41, I have adopted more on Photography and Editing Pictures.

34.) I went to other universities like FEU, UE and DLSU (College of Saint Benilde and Taft).

33.) I spent my Semestral Break with my brother and his family and my sister.

32.) WISH GRANTED!!, I experienced singing in the stage and in front of the people while playing guitar.

31.) I made projects at my own blog. (Refer to Lakwatsaklat and Maling Paggamit ng Wikang Filipino sa mga Pampublikong Komunikasyon

30.) Us, Seniorspeds (IPSA Batch 2008-2009), sang our graduation song entitled Don't Leave This Place in a live performance.

29.) Me and the IS community had a Christmas Caroling held at the Medicine Auditorium and it's an astonishing experience for the IS students.

28.) I had a bonding with the following: My Former Batchmates, JANYK, Quake Shot, One Voice Chorale, Engineering Student Council Family and Thomasian Friends as well as the Seniorspeds.

27.) Yesterday (December 29, 2009), I'm with my bestfriends and my former batchmates at my former school, CS, I had a wonderful day with you guys. Happy Birthday bestfriend. :)

26.) I joined a try-out session at a football club at the Faculty of Engineering but I didn't accept as one of them, too bad but I know it's just an experience.

25.) I watched UAAP Basketball League (that was September 2009 then), a good fight between University of Santo Tomas and Ateneo De Manila University, congratulations ADMU, ONE BIG FIGHT!

24.) I stayed at my unit for 2 weeks despite of the 2 Super Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

23.) I spent also my Semestral Break to visit my loved ones on All Saint's Day/All Soul's Day.

22.) I experienced Christmas Caroling with the Quake Shot. We earned 220 pesos in the first 4 streets but suddenly my friends didn't continue.

21.) I will be memorizing My Last Farewell by our very own Gat. Jose Rizal.

20.) I experienced helping other people whether in good or bad times.

19.) In connection to number 20, I helped my brother's family to bring all their things from their house in San Fernando, Pampanga in despite of the Super Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng,

18.) I made 3 song covers (in video - Youtube and in audio type).
       a.) 'Di Na Mababawi - Spongecola
       b.) Cinnamon Mary Jane - Aldrine Guerrero
       c.) Don't Leave This Place - Spongecola

17.) I accomplished 50 posts for this year, I hope next year I will finish another 50 posts. Mabuhay BLOGGER!

16.) My Facebook Account has more than 1,000 friends, some of them are my blockmates and schoolmates at UST, forme batchmates and schoolmates at CS, Seniorspeds and schoolmates at IPSA, my nuclear and extended relatives (may ganun?), and other friends. Thanks for accepting as one of your friends.

15.) In connection to number 32, I sang on my bestfriend's debut, how embarrassing to myself but wonderful to the eyes of the people around me while singing on-stage.

14.)In connection to number 17, every month I temporarily stopped blogging at Blogger and I started to use my Tumblr Account.

13.) In connection to number 14. My blog, Second Time of My Life,  has more than 3,000 visits and i hope it 
will bloom thousands and thousands of views weekly or even daily. :)

12.) The Quake Shot, one of my set of friends meets at the 2nd time.

11.) In connection to number 12, I found another set of friends and they also give me an ample of advice even though I'm the only boy in the group and they called us JANYK. :)

Here goes... THE TOP 10

10.) In connection to number 36, We celebrated Christmas by singing as a choir at the church and caroling at the streets. I spent a lot more time with you guys. 

9.) I survived in Saudi Arabia for 3 consecutive years.

8.) I found some friends who studied in Saudi Arabia (SENIORSPEDS) and they made me happy for a lifetime.


6.) In continuation to number 7, I finished my first semester without a 3.00 in my grades. 

5.) We went to an establishment to interview an employee and it's a SUCCESS!

4.) I wasn't still able to found the girl of my dreams, abangan na lang sa 2010!

3.) Despite of my stay in Saudi Arabia, I experienced Christmas for the second time at the University of Santo Tomas. I'm with my batchmates then.

2.) I finished highschool and bounded to face the challenge in my adult life and that's COLLEGE (read Here I Am. As I Graduate)

1.) I finally chosen my school and my course (University of Santo Tomas, Bachelor of Science in Information System)

I Just Wanna Greet...

I just want to greet a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to those people who are written in this picture. 


Christmas Galore - Part 1 ('09 Edition)

Paskuhan Sa USTe (December 18, 2009)


NOTE: This photo is not mine, it's from the owner (lower left) itself. :D

The most awaited celebration at the University of Santo Tomas, they started to count the days for the 400 Years of Unending Grace in UST. VIVA SANTO TOMAS!

Engineering One Voice Chorale Christmas Party (December 19, 2009)

My first ever ONE VOICE christmas party because I was first accept as one of the members of OV. I loved this celebration but not only that, we sang as a choir in the church and we did carol inside the subdivision at Fairview, Quezon City. I had a great time with you guys.Thanks to the whole chorale. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Caroling (December 22, 2009)

My group, The Quake Shot and I did something lovable and valuable to the people around the streets, inside our subdivision. It's my fault why we did this kind of tradition but they're the ones who accept my invitation in joining the Christmas caroling. We used my brother's guitar and a square-shaped tupperwares for our drums in our caroling. After 2 hours, we'd caroled 4 streets and counted our blessings. At that time, we received 250 pesos, not bad but we didn't continue because it's raining and it's 9:30 in the evening then and my friends' parents will surely spank them. JUST KIDDING GUYS!  


Paskuhan 2009

Q&A's (Paskuhan 2009) - It's Just A Trip 

How's the Paskuhan 2009 Mass and Festivities that happened in University of Santo Tomas?

 First Simbang Gabi is not just an ordinary mass for the Thomasians but a celebration of the arrival or coming of our Messiah, JESUS CHRIST. My fellow Thomasians re-enacted the portrayal of Mary and Joseph the Carpenter. After the celebration, a bit Salu-Salo with my Co-Chorale in the Faculty of Engineering.

Because this is my second time ever to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines and this time happened in UST, even though there are lots of students who come and celebrate this event, this is one of the most ASTONISHING and SPECTACULAR celebration I've ever had in my entire life. With all the dazzling fireworks that happened around 12 mn, the bands that students surely must release their pressure regarding on their studies by jumping higher and saying "ROCK ON!" and lastly the performances of our SECOND PARENTS and FELLOW THOMASIANS (either ALUMNI or STUDENTS).

Did you and your friends invite someone to go to the Paskuhan 2009?

I invited my Co-Batchmates @ IPSA and my friend invited my Former Batchmates @ Chevalier School to celebrate this wonderful festivity. But before that, we caress first the moments inside and outside the 4 corners of UST. Is it that wonderful? After that, my co-batchmates and I had a get-together at my crib (siyempre pagod na pagod mga taong 'to, mahaba-habang tulog 'to kaya LET'S GET IT ON!).

But before the festivity, where did you go?

Me? I went to the internet cafe to meet my friends who came from different Colleges/Faculties of UST. Then we've strolled at the mall and went back to the University.

How long you've stayed at Paskuhan

After the celebration ended, we'd spent the night out at UST for about 6 hours. See how long did the celebration arise? That was one of the best Christmas celebrations I'd ever celebrated in my entire life. I wish there will be a greater celebration instead of Paskuhan in UST. Sana 2011 na! 

Quadricentennial Year - 2011! Viva Santo Tomas!!

Kevin Pangilinan
Inhinyerong Tomasino (Information Systems) 

Proyekto sa Filipino 2 - Lakwatsaklat

Mga Miyembro: Atreu Renu Carillo
                       Trisha Cheng
                       Paul Kenneth De Jesus
                       Kim Del Rosario
                       Diane Jewelyn Garcia
                       Kevin Pangilinan

Ang pagbabasa ay maihahalintulad natin sa paglaki ng isang PUNO dahil tulad nito, ang pagbabasa ay maraming maibubunga. Ang proseso ng pagbabasa ay nagsisimula sa ugat, ganito rin ang proseso ng pagsalin ng sustansya na nanggagaling sa lupa at kung sa pagbabasa, ang lupa ay ang materyales na nagbibigay ng impormasyon. Sunod naman dito ay ang pagdaloy ng impormasyon mula sa ugat patungo sa tangkay. Ang tangkay ng puno ay nagsisilbing utak at isipan ng mambabasa kung saan naipon ang lahat ng nalaman niya. Ang bunga naman ang siyang kalalabasan ng mga ideya na nanggagaling sa ugat na dumaloy sa tangkay. 

(Bago naming maipahayag kung ano ang aming sasabihin tungkol sa napili naming aklatan, pagpaumanhin ninyo po dahil ang napili naming establisyemento ay isa sa mga hindi dapat isamang aklatan dahil may napili na po kaming establisyemento na ayaw magpanayam sa amin at may mga napili rin po kaming silid-aklatan kaso hindi namin po naabutan dahil Christmas party nila. Muli ay pagpaumanhin po.)

MERRIAM-WEBSTER BOOKSTORE (Morayta (Nicanor Reyes Sr. Ave) Branch)

Nakapanayam po namin si Mrs. Estelita Gepalaga, isa siyang Supervisor ng M-W Bookstore at mahigit 10 years siyang nagtatrabaho dito bilang isang supervisor.

Sinabi niya na ang Merriam-Webster Bookstore ay ginawa ni G. Louie Sy Kheyu noong 1960, na una, nagsimula sa maliit na family business sa may C.M. Recto street. Hindi lang pagbebenta ng mga libro ang kanilang ginagawa, kung hindi ang bookbinding, folding at trade-in ng second-hand books. Magmula noon ay nagbukas din sila ng pangalawang branch na ngayon ay Main Branch ng Merriam-Webster Bookstore sa may Nicanor Reyes Sr. Avenue. Lumipas ng ilang taon ay padami nang padami ang mga nagsisibukasang M-W branch lalung-lalo na ang kanilang Publishing House. Mula noon, ang Family Business ng isang aklatan ay naging korporasyon.

Mga estudyante (elementarya hanggang kolehiyo), mga book-lovers at kalimitan mga taong nagtatrabaho (professionals) ang kanilang target sa kanilang establisyemento. Dahil marami sa atin ay mga book-lovers, ito ang kanilang inspirasyon kaya dumami ang kanilang inilimbag na mga libro at mga branch na kanilang itinayo. 

"Hindi mabilang na mga mamimili at mga mambabasa araw-araw dahil sa laki ng aming establisyemento.." sabi ni Gng. Gepalaga. "..mahigit 500+ ang mga librong pangkolehiyo kagaya ng mga Reviewers , mga librong pang-inhinyeriya, pang-narsing, pang-midwifery at iba pang mga libro at mahigit 300+ ang mga librong panghayskul at pangpropesyonal hindi pa kasama doon ang mga librong pambata tulad ng mga fables, fairy tales at iba pang mga fiction books." 

Kaya ang mga Pilipino ay angat sa ganitong pagpapalimbag ng mga libro at iba pang gawain nagpapangat sa establisyemento. Ano kaya ang kanilang susi sa pag-angat nito? Ayon kay Gng. Gepalaga, marami silang gamit upang makalikom ng mga maraming impormasyon. Ang mga gamit na iyon ay hindi literal na GAMIT kung hindi mga kahalagahan sa pagpapa-angat ng establisyemento tulad ng paglikom ng impormasyon, brainstorming, inquiries, obserbasyon, surveying at analytical thinking. Hindi lang iyan, meron pa! May ginagamit silang diyagram na sanhi at bunga o sa kanila tinatawag na fishbone diagram. Ang maganda sa diyagram na ito ay nagpapakita kung ano ang sanhi na maaaring mangyari sa kanilang establisyemento at ang epekto nito. Nagagamit ito sa mga sitwasyon na maliliit na datos. Kailangan ang isang grupo ang mamimili ng problema na napakaimportante upang makita nila ang mga issues sa likod ng problema ng establisyemento. At saka nila masisigurado ang kahusayan ng nasabing establisyemento. Iyan ang kanilang susi sa pagpupundar ng kanilang establisyemento.

Una sa lahat, maraming salamat kay Gng. Gepalaga na binigyan kami ng oras sa pagpapanayam. Kaya kayo mga mahihilig sa pagpupundar ng kanilang negosyo pagdating sa pagbebenta ng libro at pagpapalimbag ng libro. ABA!, mabuti pa't magkaroon muna kayo ng inspirasyon tulad ng Merriam Webster Bookstore na nagsimula sa family business, ngayon pangkorporasyon na ang establisyemento. At maghanap ng istratehiya sa pagpupundar ng establisyemento. 

Ang Inyong Lingkod... GROUP 6 - Grupong Puno

Vote For Our Future Hero

I have voted only once (kailangan kasi 10 times eh. :D). Because I'm proud to be a Filipino and I'm proud of him. Bumoto na ba kayo? :D

Here Comes Again the Final Countdown

November 9, 2009

We all know that 45 Days before Christmas, are you excited then?
I love Christmas and this is my 14th time that I'll celebrate Christmas here in the Philippines but I know that it's not December yet. Ask me why it is my 14th time? :)

The truth is that I have 2 Days to relax my nerves, to unwind a little bit and to rejuvenate further. Because at that coming day, another semester will arrive. YES!, I made it last first semester with all those simple but difficult College Math subjects and other subjects that I passed but will I pass this coming second semester?

The much awaited subjects for this semester are: 

  Physics  (Lab and Lecture) - more on application and a bit computation, last 4th year puro projects lang napapasa ko. How can I apply My Principle to this subject?

  Analytical Geometry  - my co-blockmate said its more on Philosophy. Philosophy?? not again!

There are chances that I will pass this second semester (unless I'll study hard and strive for the success). I think you should prefer on what I wrote or typed (computer kasi!) on my previous posts.

Oh well, loveless at the moment (kahit meron ako dati, binalewala ko muna ito) and will focus on what I will study this coming second semester. 

Inhinyerong Tomasino

How's My Blog?

I'm here again bringing more bits of information about my daily life. 

I didn't know that my blog was on its 1ST EXISTENTIAL YEAR.
With 1 YEAR and 2 MONTHS OF EXISTENCE. I can't believe that my blog cannot reach on this year.  

grabe ang tagal na pala nitong blog ko, hindi ko lang napapansin. :)

I hope this blog won't last. Pakatagal ko ito para malupit. :)

And that's not all. Interested Viewers will almost reach up to 3,000 views. Keep viewing my comrade. 

Enjoy viewing, visiting and reading my posts in my blogspot.

Inhinyerong Tomasino


The 1st Semestral Grade is On!

There it goes. My grades were released. I survived the first half. With the semestral average of 1.94 (not too bad) but it will be better next semester if I:
  • study hard and balance my priorities in life
  • be proud of what I'm doing. (in short THINK POSITIVE!)
  • be serious (pagdating sa pag-aaral, papetiks-petiks lang kung gusto)

Inhinyerong Tomasino

To all my blockmates in 1IS-B, makilala ko sana kayo kaagad (except my former blockmates). :)

An Article About Love

Love for me has many facts and definitions but only one can help us when it comes to love and that’s GOD.
Imagine without Him, we’ll make war instead of love, there’s no peace when there is no love.
Okay, given.
When you loved someone, you’ve committed someone to be with. Then, when you’re committed, you and your partner have many moments that you both should caress. Beyond that you should have responsibilities that will strengthen your relationship with each other.
It’s either you strenghten it or not but you gave effort. That will prove that you loved him/her. Am I correct?
Expected that you’re in love:
  • When you’re in a relationship, you’re committed with each other no matter what.
  • You should also give effort in strengthen your relationship (as usual).
  • You love him/her no matter what he/she is. That’s what love is.
Another type, when you love your bestfriend and suddenly you’re committing in a relationship with him/her. There’s a possibility that you will lose friendship between you and him/her.
Kaya nga bestfriend hindi ba?. He/She will help you regarding on your problems in life and most of all, sharing secrets.
Think that you’re in a relationship with him/her. Then there’s a time that you will know what his/her secrets are.
“OH LOVE!”, my friend said. :)

The Precious Moments

After the breathtaking FINAL EXAMINATION in my first semester..

There were moments that I've loved so much. Even though this were few. I still remember those precious moments.

I miss the Review Moments, where each of us need to review in one place. It helped and me and my blockmates passed.

I also help my friends instead of my classmates in reviewing their lesson as well as College Math. Even though I'm an ordinary college student, if someone needs my help then I'll manage to have time with them so that in later time he/she can answer everything. I hope they will get high grades(or nearly perfect) in their exam.

I miss also the Capturing Moments, of course without them and their advices, I'm always nothing. When I have problems, I always lean on them.

Here I found friendship, I found deep relationship, I found someone who can lean on. 1IS-E, tapos na ang exams natin!, 7 semesters to go my comrade.

I'm start counting it. Guys, don't lose hope na kahit bumagsak tayo, God gives us a go signal to stand up and study hard. For me, there's no need to think negative things that will put us down. Try to think in a positive way and of course don't pressure my comrade, there's still 7 semesters to prove that we can reach what we have dreamt of. And don't forget to strenghten your faith cause God will help us starting from scratch to success.

1IS-E, kaya natin 'to!, BANGIS!!!

Inhinyerong Tomasino

Fired Up

I guess this day is so good but tiring.

I have taken 4-6 Final Exams.

Then 2 of them are College Math. (I think I need to improve my math skills.)

So it seemed like that I have felt the pressure until now but as what I had posted on my website. I need more rest! So that I can answer all the difficult questions in my exams.

I guess all of us have the same banana, as my mother said. I could have no longer understand what’s the meaning of same banana? (same thoughts, that’s what she meant). Oh well, back to the Final Examinations at the University of Santo Tomas.

Even I’m busy reading books, articles, papers that our professors had given us for the finals and other paraphernalia, I still teach my friends/classmates/blockmates so that they could catch up. For me there’s no problem about that. And I’m sorry for not teaching everything.

I had tackled 2 of the hardest subjects in my 1st semester. The College Math and Computer Studies Lab. Those two made me pressured. But since I know what I will do next semester.

Okay!, concentrate on your Theology and Psychology Final Exams.

See you guys, especially my co-batchmates, fellow Thomasians, and fellow blockmates. goodluck sa finals. :)

Kevin Pangilinan

Inhinyerong Tomasino

The Song of Friendship

Guess what?

I found a new song of friendship. Because of this song, it encourages me to find another set of friends until I make super BIG CIRCLE OF FRIENDS.

In finding relationships or committed in relationships, God is always there in and with us. Without him, we are nothing. :)

Entitled, PAGKAKAIBIGAN by HANGAD (Jesuit Ministry). This song is very pleasant to the ears and the lyrics is synonymous to the relationship with God that we're up to. That's what the title is all about. I heard it from YouTube. Eversince, the songs of HANGAD are pleasant to the ears and also those songs relate on what the Bible said.

Research this song on Google or on YouTube.

I love GOD.
I love my family.
I love my friends.
I love my inspiration.
I love UST.

Kevin Pangilinan
Inhinyerong Tomasino. :)

Filipino 101 - Maling Paggamit ng Filipino sa mga Pampublikong Komunikasyon

I know that this project will be vulnerable to those who make use of wrong grammar in public communications. We made this project for the good of all nations. :D

Pangkat = 1IS-E, Information Systems
Miyembro ng Grupo:

Gracelle Elvambuena

Patrick Katigbak

Angeline Olympia

Marianne Ong
Janssen Cyrone Ongpauco
Kevin Pangilinan
Jodilly Pendre

Nakita natin habang tayo'y tumatawid sa mga kalsada o kaya ay mga babala o alituntunin kung anong dapat at hindi dapat nating gawin. Nakikita rin natin ito kapag tayo'y naghahanap ng trabaho, tirahan, pangangailangan at iba pa. Iyan ang mga mabuting naidudulot ng pampublikong komunikasyon. Marahil ang mga PIlipino ay masisiyahan sa pagkakaroon ng pampublikong komunikasyon tulad ng mga nakapaskil sa mga kalsada at iba pa dahil nagbibigay ito ng gabay tungo sa maayos na pamumuhay.

Ngunit may pagkakamali ang mga PIlipino sa pagpapahayag ng mga pampublikong komunikasyon na nagiging dulot ng maling paggamit ng grammatika o misan naman salita. Katulad ng mga larawan sa nasa ibaba:

Special Lugaw @ "TOKWA'T BABOY"
(AMV Carpark (Accountancy Building), UST)

(AMV Carpark (Accountancy Building), UST)

(AMV Carpark (Accountancy Building), UST)

"Kapag ako ay nagbigay ng utos, magreport ka sa date ng deadline. Huwag mo akong tatanungin bago ka magreport para hindi tayo mag-away."
(Opisina sa Tanggapan ng isang Tsinong Kumpanya)

"ILOG PASIGlahin, atin ito, alagaan natin!"
"ILOG PASIGlahin!, Ito'y dapat alagaan natin!"
(Sa Gilid ng Dike, Sa Bandang Makati)

Mag-ingat sa manok. XD
(Sa isang iskwater sa Pampanga)

"Bawal Tumawid, Delikado" o "Walang Tatawid, Delikado"
(Paskil sa may Quezon City, gawa ng MMDA)

Ang mga maling gamit ng wika ng mga Pilipino ay isang tanda ng pagkawala ng hustong kaalaman ukol sa sariling wika. Ito ay bunga ng sobrang modernisasyon na nangyayari sa ating bansa at sa patuloy ng pagtangkilik sa wikang banyaga tulad ng Ingles, Chinese, Arabe, Latin at iba pa mga wikang nasasaklawan ng bansa. Ang mga maling gamit ng wikang ito ay maiiwasan kung iintindihin at isasapuso ang bawat kabuluhan ng wikang ginagamit. Lahat ng mga maling paskil ay nagsilbing mga instrumento na ginamit para mapagtanto ng mga kapwa nating Pilipino ang pagkawala ng respeto at tunay na diwa ng Pilipino. Maaaring mabago ang mga ginagamit na pampublikong komunikasyon kung gagamitin natin ang wikang kinagisnan at natutunan natin, ito ang Wikang Filipino.