Rainy Season

Classes are on, and I feel that I don't want to attend. Hindi naman sa nahihiya ako, o dahil June 7 ngayon and still.. I kept on dwelling the past. I only encountered "lack of focus". Kulang nalang I watched the raindrops falling on the ground asking "why does the rain keep on pulling me down?".

I wish unto the Lord that this won't happen again. But as what He had said in the bible. "Follow him, and he'll give what your heart's desire". So there are still a lot of obstacles I need to surpass. Making the most effort to God and loving Him so tender will give you land (blessings).

Next week, mawawalan din ito eh and I always remember that He's beside me and He won't let me go.


Noon Walk

That was the day I applied in a company somewhere in Pasig. Pababa na ako ng jeep nun and I saw an old woman who's also heading near in my destination, then a sudden shower came in. She doesn't have an umbrella and she's carrying some grocery items and pasalubong (on both hands). Then I told her to draw near in my umbrella so that she won't get wet. I wish that I could help her on her way but the rain stopped and she say "thank you for that!".

Then ayun nga, I was rushing in to submit the resume and take the exam in the company I want but the security told me that I'll wait for their message to come (LORD, let this message sent to me! Please! *beg*).

So I went out of the building and called for taxi, then the taxi driver is very vigilant baka daw mahuli siya then he told me in a harsh manner sakay!. So I hopped in the car and he suddenly explained why he was like that.

T'was a sharing happened in between us, I was like.. (Maalaala Mo Kaya.. *laugh*). I shared what I've learned about traffic violations then we arrived in personal and spiritual conversations kahit di ko siya masyadong kilala, GO lang, I know nothing's wrong when it comes to that. I was so blessed that the man whom I talked with because has done good things in his family. While he discussed his personal life, I prayed that he will be blessed by God. That the bonding with his only daughter will be so tight. And that his faith will be stronger than before.

His name is "Mang Ruben", MABUHAY KA! *smile*


Youth Camp (Part 1)

June 1, 2012

Had a glorious day at the Mimosa Park, Clarkfield, Pampanga. Thanks to my ever beloved pastors and elders who made this event possible, even though we arrived to late. *laugh*

My heart says that I want to go in that place because I want to know more about Him and to praise/worship Him (hindi naman swimming ang hinabol ko, but I arrived late so I don't have problem with that). Hours after, our program started.

Our pastor preached about rebellion, it is an act in which you are against to the person or opposing something in an authority (e.g. when your parents tell you to follow the rules but you always keep on complaining which is considered as an act of rebellion, another one is not following the ten commandments which is also against the will of the Lord). She added that we, the children of God, must set our minds and hearts to Him for He shall give you a lot of blessing to come in your life and of course love and obey Him and your parents. The pastor also said about the difference between secular and non-secular (Christian songs). One of the songs that I always played in my mind is "The Greatest Love of All" wherein based on the lyrics "learning to love YOURSELF, is the greatest love of all" which is too selfish to say, isn't it? He doesn't want us to be selfish (I was about to internalize at that time), it is against the "Greatest Commandment" that the Lord said. God called us because we want to sacrifice our life to Him with all the worships and praises we uttered in our mouth. That very night after preaching His wonderful word. All of us were delivered from spirits that we inappropriately obtained in our hearts. I thank GOD for His presence which I always keep in touch with Him. I enjoyed also on that day because I played my instruments to rejoice and sing praise and worship songs. 

June 2, 2012

All of us devoted to Him, hindi mawawala ang pagsamba sa Kanyang pangalan. We devoted about what we had delivered yesterday. Then after the devotion, we headed to a place then our coordinator divided our camp into 2 teams. We won because we followed His way, no matter what hindrance comes in your way, we keep on holding on with the presence of His name, there is a time that we fall down from but God helps us to stand up, continue the adventure and finish it. After the activity, she discussed every meaning of every station (the game is divided into 7 stations). I was blessed in this kind of activity because hindi lang siya pang-teamwork, it gave us values. 

Then we headed back to the church to eat our lunch and continue the program. I loved our first activity in the church (2 teams as usual) which we pass the "yantok" or stick on  our co-competitors. The last activity was played from the other team, suddenly it was on-hold. We ate dinner and that night came where we had a session about the role of music in the kingdom of God, which I am related in this kind of matter, I kept on gratifying His will because He gave me such a wonderful talent. 

-End of Part 1-


End of Summer "Countdown" - Part 2

Chapter 4 - Bowing Up and Down 

Serving Him by playing my violin is merely a melodic sound of praise/worship but there are times that we suddenly slip up while we emotionally feel His presence. Every other Wednesday, me and my church mates (who have also the talent of playing violin and other instruments) went to a place named "Goshen" where potential violinist and blowing instrumentalists (usually they made an orchestra for their church) are practicing and studying their musical notes which makes your bowing skills faster. (Sana mabasa ninyo ito) I would like to thank the mentors who patiently and properly taught me how to play the violin. May the Lord bless you all in making music lively for Him. 

Chapter 5 - Blogging

In my past blogs, I've rant 9 to 10 blogs (April and May) hindi naman ako ganado kahit madaling araw na but I want to know you all viewers that this is one of my hobbies. That's all. Thanks for visiting and reading my rants. DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE A COMMENT