Visiting the Place of My Beloved Ones

It's All Saints Day and I should move out of the house with my sister, buy some flowers and 
candles and visit 2 cemeteries where my beloved ones (at both sides) were buried. 

I heard one of the reporters in ABS-CBN who said that "It is important to visit your beloved ones in All Saint's Day/All Soul's Day not only to be with them but also to complete the whole family." 

There is the time where I get used to look at the grave of my beloved ones and pray for their souls that should rest in peace and be with our Almighty God, our Savior. And whenever I visit them, I must stay longer to show my love and respect to my ancestors. 

Siyempre, hindi mo maalis ang pagbalik ng aming pagkabata, I still collect melted candles and make it into a candle ball and while waiting for visitors, we exchange conversations, light a candle and we bond with other. But I saw emptied graves which is a bit creepwhile finding the grave of your loved ones.

(to be continued..) 


Web Designing/Developing For Leisure

I had a great day configuring my blogspot from its standard and simple to a presentable design. I remember last 2 semesters when we had a Web Technology class which I'm fond of making websites with animated objects (.swf) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver are my tools and is one of my guides for making more interactive websites.

Before I planned to develop my blog design, I got this blogger template for free (and that was 3-4 months ago) in a .ZIP file. While reading and ranting posts, I noticed that my blog design was so dull because the theme color of my blogspot is BLACK that made my posts not worth reading. 

"I want to make my blog design so simpler" so I developed my blog design:

first the color theme which I made it WHITE 
- then a bit sidebar configurations..
- I made my own linked widget (which you could see in my blog). Every picture links in some websites which I used to surf and share my thoughts with.
- I removed the header background (which is a picture in .gif) and set it the same as my color theme

and my first developed blog design stayed for 3 and a half months.

NOW "I want to make my blog design so interactive" so I developed AGAIN my recent blog design:

- I used Adobe Photoshop in editing photos, uploaded it and used this photos as designs in my blog.
- I used Notepad++ to configure the HTML and CSS part of the blog design
- a bit post-comment configurations (which I didn't notice when I first developed it)



Hope you like it fellow bloggers and visitors.