3 Dias De Escuela

"3 Dias De Escuela" is a Spanish word meaning 3 Days of School. Here I entitled this post because I want to tell you what happen last 3 days at University of Santo Tomas. Because I can't be with you for about 1 month to read recent posts.

Let's start my first day of College Life at USTe.

I started like a stranger inside my classroom with my co-blockmates, whom I don't know all their names because definitely we were 52-53 students. And popularity rises as we all attended our orientation formerly known as "EXCITE" (Experience Cool and Ideal Thomasian Engineers, correct me if I'm wrong). During this orientation, I always mingle with my co-blockmates, then up to the end of the orientation, I was like coming out of the shell and it goes like BOOM! like a bomb. What a nice day for us 1IS-E students. And that ends the first day. :)

Second day was too complicated than the first day. i'm too pressured in Math, I thought I'll give up when it comes to Math, but here I go, raising my hand and solving problems on the whiteboard and what a one-trick pony. Philosophy also striked our class with some assignments that were given to us. And I'll buy some more books in order to cope up with them. And that ends the 2nd day.

And here goes the third day. more friends, more laughter came in place. As well as our Theology professor who defintely gave us his voracious laugh and he told us a story about Salvation that was happened inside the University. English seemed good but I guess our professor was strict. Math problems striked our class, brainstorm works was adviced by our professor to maintain our grades. And that ends our 3rd day.

I love my section 1IS-E, Information Systems, Faculty of Engineering. :)

Gettin' Ready

Oh yeah!, it's a pleasure day for me and my sister because few days left, we'll stay to our new unit at Galleria Suites, P. Noval St., Espanya, Manila. Are you familiar with our unit's address?, pasyalan mo kami.

As usual, if you have a unit, you have lots of things you've brought from the house and you've purchased outside. Like some toiletries, kitchen utensils and stuffs, refrigerator we've bought, my Manchester U
nited Bags as usual, at dahil nga paborito ko yun, dinala ko na lahat, my shoes were also ready with matching shoe rack as well as my soccer shoes, our new sofa bed that my father purchased at SM North Edsa a while ago and we did also maintenance in our new unit at Galleria Suites.

I should be practical at this moment because I have many things that I haven't used too. Like I've said earlier, my school shoes that I used when I was 4th year were not ruined, so it's better to use my school shoes instead of buying another pair. kumbaga tipid at may budget ka pa.

And guess what? my uniform is also ready, i hung my uniform at the closet. But before that (this was requested by my friend, she wanted me to look if my uniform's fit, by the way this is for you)

So rude-looking isn't it? Photo captured by my sister, I asked her if my uniform is nice or not?, it's nice but parang hindi uniform ng Engineering yan ah?, she threatened me at that time.

Getting ready for school? :)

Need More Speed

After a week of medicine and rest, I finally got rid of this stupid HIGH FEVER.
Thank GOD because he gave me strength.

But this wasn't my point why I entitled this post "Need More Speed", ano kaya iyon?.

It came through when my father arrived here in the Philippines. A week after his arrival, he was driving a car then, I always thought about driving a car then I asked him how to drive, then he realized why he always drive his car instead of me and also my sister.

The other day, he told us that this day, he will teach us how to drive a car.

Another test that will lead us through adulthood, I guess so.

First, we'd experienced driving a car in Clark Expo, in Clarkfield, Pampanga. I thought the car that I was driving along the highway, was so hard, but in the end, it came an easy trip for me and my sister. Then the 1st day was over.

A while ago, we'd experienced driving inside our subdivision, but it wasn't a joyride for me anymore. it was so hard and I was so confused between the brake and the accelerator, between the reverse and the drive and between the lanes that I've took a while ago. But thank GOD again because I've finished the 2nd day.

Let's see what will happen next. :)

Guess What?

Well!, what happen?

I'M BACK!, bringing again bits of information and dozens of true-to-life stories (actually sa akin yung iba).

50 posts in 9 months. Masipag mag-Blogger eh!

By the way, thanks for bookmarking, visiting, viewing, watching, reading and so on and so forth, MY SECOND TIME!.

There were about 2,000 viewers/visitors out there who kept in touch on my blog. Keep it up guys!

Again, enjoy reading the SECOND TIME OF MY LIFE!, this is a once in a lifetime BLOG. :)