A Thanksgiving Day

Thank You Lord for this wonderful month that:

- You made my days productive (in work, at home or church), 'cause through You, I can do all things (parang kanta yun ah?
- You never fail to make me happy all the time, I remember one Sunday that "God's the source of happiness". We're surely be awed by His creations as well as by His greatness that through faith we could experience that kind of happiness.
- At times of suffering, You're still there, comforting me, waiting for me to listen to my prayers and thank You for guiding and protecting me and my family.
- You continually providing me the things that I need in my everyday life (saying yes to financial breakthough). Continue to pour out the blessings that I'll share it to others who are in need. 
- You continually reaching out those people who are ready to experience Your unending love. I pray for their spiritual growth that they will know what their purpose is (by God's word). 
- We (me and #waybee) celebrated our second anniversary, that You'll continue to be the center of our relationship and that You'll keep us guided by Your voice. 

There are a lot things Lord to thank for and hopefully this or maybe next year, I'll write a song for You. I know that "nothing's impossible" with You (Luke 1:37).

"I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High" - Psalm 7:17