President Noynoy (P-Noy), Hindi Ka Nag-iisa

I congratulate President Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III, as he sworn in as 15th President of the Philippines.

Today, I'm listening on what he had sworn on (because he started at exactly five minutes before 12 noon and I wasn't able to cope what he is trying to say so I'm currently listening his speech on YouTube) during his Inauguration at Quirino Grandstand.

P-Noy, Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa...

Kevin Pangilinan
Inhinyero Tomasino

2010 World Cup Madness

June 11, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010, this international football competition will take place and at South Africa, the winning bid for FIFA 2010.

Last May 2004, South Africa, together with other four African nations (Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt) was placed bids to host the 2010 World Cup. 3 African nation, including South Africa, were qualified in this bidding, Tunisia withdrew and Libya didn't qualify.

Then voting did come and South Africa won against Morocco and Egypt (14-10-0 votes) and got a chance to host the World Cup 2010 that happens NOW

FIFA World Cup happens every 4 years, and last FIFA World Cup 2006 hosted by Germany, Italy won against France. That was indeed a close fight after they had killed the time and had drawn the game. I knew that when they have drawn the championship game, both teams must win via penalty game. With the penalty score (ITA) 5-3 (FRA), the Italians proved that they won't lose this match. I witnessed this match but my bet (England) didn't make to the World Cup Finals. 

I'll go for ENGLAND this FIFA WORLD CUP 2010, because I love their footwork, strategic moves and game chemistry and I'm surprised and overwhelmed because David Beckham (MLS - Los Angeles Galaxy) will make smiles again for his motherland. I saw their last friendly game (against Belarus) and Beckham was positioned in  the right midfield.

Go ENGLAND, glory to ENGLAND. :) 

Favorably Accepted


For how many months I had spent fixing my papers for shifting (up to now), THANK GOD they finally accepted me.

With regards to what I ranted on my last part (let's soothe up this May), Plan A was revealed last 2 days and I was so disappointed a bit yet in the end I felt so excited. Sorry, mixed feelings blew out and yesterday I didn't feel so good, I drank 4-6 glasses of water just to relinquish anything I felt inside.  

After couple of hours fixing those papers, I'm finally back home. :)

Best proof that I can assure you that I was shifted from Information Systems to Information Technology:

I was browsing at the net and I thought if they changed my course in eLeap and in myUSTe. And look what I've found out. I saw this part at Online Enrollment (First Process) under myUSTe. :)

Oh yeah! Hindi nasayang pagod ko at Information Technology na ako! :)

My future begins NOW! 

Kevin Pangilinan
Inhinyero Tomasino. :)