Let's Soothe Up This May (Last Part)

Couple of weeks passed, I wasn't able to rant everything I've done. I guess this will be the last part of rendering my hottest vacation streak entitled "Let's Soothe Up This May".

Last 2 weeks (Automated Election/Mother's Day to be exact), I have nothing to do inside our house, that's why I made a guitar-covered song. 

Hours passed, I played basketball with my friends, quenched our thirst, food-tripped ourselves and made laughs and smiles while conversing with each other. 

Another week passed by and we made fun of ourselves playing basketball and I gave an advice to one of my friends because I'm the eldest among them. They shall have time for playing, doing chores, caressing their times with their family and friends and devoting themselves to HIM, I think these were the tactics. 

I miss my cellphone, i couldn't see what I'm typing on because of the LCD's appearance. Two weeks before, after  reception, we rushed at Saver's Mall nearby and we went to a cellphone shop. I asked the cellphone technician to repair my cellphone's LCD and we'll go back once my cellphone's well-repaired but it wasn't easy at all because we need a ribbon to fix my cellphone and it costs less than a thousand. 

I wish I could have this blessing once again and I will be meticulous on certain things. I WISH! 

Speaking of weeks, I made my decision regarding on shifting. I think it's GOD's will why I'm still in this course. I think it's in my heart that's why I planned and named it Plan A. But He choose Plan B for me rather than Plan A. I do make instant decisions but never ask myself as well as HIM why it suppose to be like this. But still I accept His will. 

So my apparent block mates, kita-kits nalang sa pasukan, nakakatamad naman this semester pero Quadricentennial naman eh. Let's celebrate to that! 

I guess summer will be over and we know that adventure is out there so brace ourselves for another school year. Soothing up's done! :) 

Kevin Pangilinan
Inhinyero Tomasino

Let's Soothe Up This May (Part 3)

"Look what you've got! A MAIL coming from my heart." 

May 4 (Tuesday)

That day, I was babysitting my cute niece then I thought what my brother told me that I should watch English movies to increase my ability in conversing people. Since I was in highschool, my proficiency in English goes lower until the time I'm getting a hard time comprehending those unfamiliar words (kulang na lang, lagi akong magdadala ng dictionary sa tabi ko just to understand those words) and I couldn't express myself either in public or in private conversations that's why I am so ashamed of myself. That's why I started to rant what I want to stress with the help of blogging. 

First Blog - Time of My Life (Newbie) 
Second Blog - Second Time of My Life

Another blog that I give so much attention it so-called special blog come from Tumblr, mind to visit my special blog just CLICK HERE.

That's up for today. :) 

Let's Soothe Up This May (Part 2)

I want to share something all about what happened last 2 days

May 2 (Sunday) 

After we (my brother and my sister) went to 2 churches to hear the WORD and to attend a baptismal rite and to a big restaurant for the reception, we went back home to unwind. After 2 hours, I spent my whole night facing on my laptop and browsing on the net. As I browsed the net, I remembered my masterpiece (not actually) that I submitted I think last 2 weeks and I finally found it on the official UST Tumblr website. While looking the picture, I noticed those notes coming at my accepted post.  

I remembered walking alone halfway through the Arch of the Centuries, then I saw a rainbow because on that day it's a bit showery at UST then. I didn't use SLRs and DSLRs for taking this picture but it's my cellphone. That was one of the capturing moments of my college life.

Thanks for accepting my submitted post. :)

Going back from what I've browsed the net, I DO LOVE TO BLOG what I want to say/express/explicate all about my experiences that gives relation to one's life (like I've said on my last blog) and I DO ENCOUNTER WRONG GRAMMAR while blogging because I'm not that kind of a GEEK who knows it all, right? 

But there's one problem when blogging someone. You might offend someone even though you seem that your blog's grammatically right and interesting to those people who reads your blog. In short, you're trying to impress someone but there's a limit of it. 

Try to reach out to the person you want to talk with, maybe that person might help you. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. :)

"If I'm on his position, I should think twice before blogging, otherwise I will not continue what I want to start because I know it is ILLEGAL and INAPPROPRIATE."

Let's proceed to..

May 3 (Monday)

Party? Gimmick? tugs tugs? celebration? nope.

I'm back HOME, helping my brother and my sister encoding those numbers and addresses and a bit conyo sessions but I think I need to be fluent in English so that I can freely express myself whether in conversation and in public. 

That's all for today. :)

Kevin Pangilinan
Inhinyero Tomasino

Let's Soothe Up This May

We are so grateful to the LORD that he give us months of relaxation despite of the new face of the sun that increases heat impact not only in our tropical country but also in the whole world, the upcoming election that all we need is a leader who will bring us back in track without corruption, poverty, etc., this month of course the rain (yes! maliligo na ako sa ulan!), not just ordinary rain but probably acid rain (what?) and lots of struggles that we've been through. 

And now I'm back! bringing forward AGAIN to you my blog post that includes experiences, solved trials in relation with one's life and a lot more. 

May 1 (Saturday)

We all know that cellphones are important primarily for communication purposes and that's why Jejemons came out, entered the society and brought us not only their language (ajejeje!) but also their lifestyle (jejecaps, etc.). Based on researching, watching news and tuning in to our social networks, Jejemons started from Jejetexts (words in wider contexts, adding C,W,Q,X,Z) and Pokemon. Jeje + Pokemon = JEJEMON. We don't need to discriminate those people because it's their right to do their own lifestyle. Just visit this BLOG from a friend of mine, it's all about JEJEMON's rights and their own lifestyle. Let's accept them for who they are and what they've done. Speaking of cellphones, (sa mga katext ko, better read this) my cellphone got broke because there's something happening with my screen parang nahahati or what, could everyone answer my problems regarding at my cellphone? What should I do to bring back my cellphone screen's appearance? From now on, I will be meticulous to those certain things like my cellphone

Let soothe up guys! :) 

Kevin Pangilnan
Inhinyero Tomasino