Top 5 YouTube! Sensations

 YouTube! is a internet place/website where anyone can watch/view, upload and share their videos to millions and millions of people around the world. Almost anything you need is here in this site but most of the time when you like their videos and replay it a couple of times, you can't get rid clicking/hitting the  button. Just be aware that the button you are clicking is much more persuasive than the videos you're watching. Funny but true. :)

Next, let's proceed to the people who are always fired in making their sessions or videos that their fans should love watching/playing it over and over again and before or after their sessions or in a separate video, they love to say "buy our albums.., please do subscribe our channel, etc.", in short these people are called the YouTube! Sensations.

I wonder why they sing much better than some known artists. It was last year I'm fond of listening covers rather than listening to original songs made by known artists.   

I was so mesmerized and inspired by some of the YouTube! Sensations I have chosen because they have lots of talents and used these talents to help other people (particularly those who were affected in some calamities like tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons and those people who were ill because of cancer, etc.). 

Introducing the Top 5 YouTube Sensations,

5.) Kina Grannis

She is one of the gorgeous girls I've watched in YouTube for a long time and she struck me every time I played her videos and her covers are so sweet and pleasant to the ears. Known for her wonderful voice with her lovely guitar. Her original song "Valentine" and her cover with AJ Rafael's "Two is Better Than One" made my day and these two are in my brain's playlist.  

4.) Gabe Bondoc

Known for his cold and rough but wonderful voice and playing his guitar with ample of chord variations. Because of him, I learned some of his covers with a bit of chord variations, improved plucking and strumming and a lot more. When you watched his videos, he'll gently touches your heart until it pumps out loud shouting for love. His original songs "Gentlemen Don't", "When You Say" and his covers like "Man in the Mirror", "Grenade" and other covers he played with his acoustic guitar made me challenged a bit so that I could play also the guitar yet these songs are also in my brain's playlist. 

3.) Ryan Higa 

Also known as "Niga Higa" in YouTube. Known for his pacute antiques + his epic face + his superb jokes = yes!, that's him. *laugh*

I remember his video "Honk for Japan", too epic but every car's honk cost 1 dollar($) and every 1,000,000 views in his videos cost 600 dollars($) to support and help Japan through their rough times (earthquake and tsunami) and "Dear Ryan" wherein people should ask him a question and he'll make a video not only to answer your question but also to laugh you so hard. Too epic isn't it? And lastly the "Off the Pill" sessions wherein he rants his opinions about some issues, just search it and you'll find and laugh out. 

Those videos made me so very happy every time I'm bored inside my dorm or I'm depressed because I had a low grade in my major subject. "Laughter is the best medicine at all times" ika nga. *laugh-laugh-laugh* :))

2.) Jason Yang

He is a versatile musician but his specialty is to play his violin (silent or acoustic) with a romantic aura that fills in your heart. I am deeply inspired because he started to play his violin since he was a kid that's why he's loyal to it and he played a lot of instruments. His fond of music made him  share his talents by covering some of the greatest songs that are known in the present. 

His covers "OMG by Usher (Violin Cover)", "I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas "Canon in D by Pachelbel" but with a bit of dynamics, "Game of Thrones Theme Song", "Moonlight Sonata with a glimpse of Grenade by Bruno Mars" made me so inspired in playing the violin even the "Wii Tutting Song" has a cover made by him. 

and last but not the least.. 

1.) AJ Rafael

Also a versatile musician but he's more active in playing his piano and composing songs. I guess he's friendly because I saw some of his videos with one of my Top 5 YouTube! Sensations. He and Gabe are Filipino-American musicians, that's why I'm very proud of them because they do stand out for my country and also for their country. I was influenced by him because he do composing songs, making a cover and showing his videos to millions and millions of people but that's not all, he showed his talents and he dedicated it to other people. 

Like his music video "Without You" which he dedicated it to those who fought the worst battle against a life-threatening event, that they should realize the fact of not being alone in their struggles. And he sang "My Soldier" which he dedicated it to those who suffered from the typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines that happened 2 years ago, that they should be strong in times of calamity.

I was so inspired of his songs (not to mention all of them), just listen to his compositions and you'll find it as one of your brain's playlist. I started to hear his songs when I searched his cover with Kat Badar (also a YouTube! Sensation) "Always by Atlantic Starr". 



Day, Time and Place - SC

Panatag na'ng kalooban ko by the time I bought this album released by one of my favorite OPM bands, Spongecola. And because of this album, I started to stargaze and to dream about a girl who sometimes weeps and made her the one of the most regal and towering part of my life. She missed me so much and I remember the time where one of my friends captured us while watching the scenic view of the bay. 

The dream was one of the best I've ever dreamed of and sana'y walang wakas ang panaginip ko. Every song that I played made me realized that this place was so relaxing and mas ok dito kung andito ka sa tabi ko, soundtripping 'till our hearts entwine. But this semestral break, I can't even set a plan kung anong araw, oras at tagpuan, I really missed you so much. That's why I'm here, ranting out what I want to say.

In short, my inspiration made me blog here at BLOGGER

nice, isn't it? 

Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay, 4th album of Spongecola (entitled Araw, Oras at Tagpuan) that was released last September 2011.  New songs that made me LSS-ed a million times (to exaggerated but true). 

Hindi naman masyadong halata yung mae-LSS ka sa kanta nila. Papaano ba naman you've completed all the albums released by SC, alam mo halos lahat ng kanta nila, hindi evident.

Buy this album and you'll never regret it! :) 
There are 13 songs/tracks under this album:

1. Tambay
2. Stargazer
3. Regal
4. Ok Dito
5. She Weeps
6. Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay
7. She Wants You To
8. Walang Wakas
9. New Steel
10. Warning:
11. Scenic View
12. Araw Oras Tagpuan

O diba 13? :)


Ano Balak Mo This Semestral Break?

Two individuals talking about semestral break plan.. 

Ano nga bang balak ko ngayong sembreak?

Nako, Kev, think about it! Last semester you had so much plans this semestral break
tapos nung dumating na ang hinihintay mo, none of your plans are checked on the list.  

On your list were the following:
[ ] Advance Reading 
[ ] Driver's License (for driving improvements)
[ ] Violin 102
[ ]  Block Reunion
[ ] Meet Her <3


Sana makayanan ko yung mga nakasulat sa listahan, the first two in the list will take a bit longer before these will be checked/accomplished and the bottom two will soon come at no time. 



5 Semesters Down, Summer and 3 To Go

After 2 1/2 years of hard work and diligence, another grade output released last two days and I guess it's not bad because it was one of my highest semestral average I've earned in my college life. GOD, thank YOU for the knowledge and strength during my college life and for the countless blessings YOU have given to me. 

Here is a SUMMARY of my first half of my college junior life: Same faces but interesting personalities (they're the best block section for me), some professors were a bit strict but they gave us bits of information that we need and that we'll surely use this coming sem and we had our first general assembly held outside our university that was so successful because   lots of IT students attended in that event. And for leisure (whenever I'm pressured or free), I'm with my very own chorale practicing and singing every First Friday mass. 

Added Summary: Had my first anniversary with my "buub-booy" (my inspiration) last 3 months, had my birthday one month after (LET'S DO THE MATH, joke!)

Next semester, I will face one of the hardest sems at Information Technology (thesis, thesis-thesisan in other subjects, defense, system analysis design, more knowledge in computers like networking, architecture and a lot more). So exciting but TIME CRISIS comes even though my schedule will start every morning till after lunch.



konting tiis nalang! :)