2nd Day: Balloon-Powered Mini Car

Oh my, I thought we've never gonna make it till the end. Our car's still in the finals. We've reconfigured our car before we go blow and our car is on-the-go. Our first test in our car was for about 7.5 meters, then our second test was for about 10 meters. Here, we made it to the final round. But suddenly, our balloon pop out so we must replace the balloon again. You will find out tomorrow the results. Oh, the picture I forgot, that is for tomorrow okay?

Science : Balloon-Powered Mini Car

Tomorrow, is our project in making a balloon-powered mini car which is a part from Physics. First, yesterday, I watched some of the videos that was related to our project in order to have ideas in making our car. Second, the car must run for about 5 m. but we've tested our car for about.. 20 trials, so mean isn't it?. Our car run for only 3 1/2 m. Oh well, we reconfigured it again so that our car will run at the given speed. And the third one is.. you will find it tomorrow. I'll show you my car okay?

Here is one of the videos that I almost intend to imitate in making my car.(almost. okay?)

Balloon-Powered Mini Car

YFC Swimming Party

These are my friends in Saudi Arabia. Last August 29, 2008, all of the YFC (Youth For Christ) members had a swimming party. Actually I became lazy in that time because a day before, all 4th year students had a review for the college entrance exam including me, so busy isn't it ? and also my mother scolded me at that time because of what happen last week (ask me if what happen last week). As I said, but I was able to attend on that time. Full of laughter and joy in this party and here I became a joker or a clown because I always give laughter to them. We take pictures one by one, stolen shots and other pose that they wanted to. In these pictures, we act like in the commercial, the "Western Union". A good day that the Lord has done for us because He is the one who unites us into one group. And that is the spirit of YFC.

Eraserheads (Reunion Concert)

I taught Eraserheads will never made to the top, because of what happen to Ely Buendia, the vocalist of the band. Ely Buendia suffered a heart attack last August 31, 2008 during their reunion concert at Bonifacio Global City Open Field, his friends and organizers as well as his bandmates Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raimund Marasigan in the said concert rushed him to the Makati Medical Center but today he will gonna be okay. Eraserheads are one of my favorite bands and I idolized Ely because he and his band made many albums.

Here is my favorite song that Eraserheads perform in their reunion concert

I hope you like it.