Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015! :)

Thinking of the word "New Year" means another year to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones, to experience joy and sorrows in life, to learn and unlearn things that has been made this year and to celebrate it with a blast and to know more about God (His greatness and His promises)

The year 2014 for me is so memorable like a flower that blooms when pouring water and exposing it under the sun then fades when lacking both. Even though I experienced ups-and-downs in life, I know that God's is my source and He's always there for me.

My most memorable quarter of this year is the last one:
- Celebrated Christmas with my officemates, with my friends at Church, at school and inside the subdivision and with my extended family (from both sides).
- Enjoyed a 3-day vacation at Baguio City with the Pangilinan family, the temperature in the city I think right now is lower than the cooling capacity of the air-con. *laugh*
- "So blessed that we meet each other almost every week" #waybee
- Naki-Paskuhan and of course saw the much-awaited fireworks display (liked the a capella mashup music background)
- Got challenged doing musical scores that's focused more on a capellas and teaching it to my officemates but that effort paid off.
- Confirmed that I have a spiritual gift, thank you Lord for this wonderful gift and for making me an instrument to minister to other people.
- Experienced His unending love despite of the challenges I had encountered.

Before we end this year, I just want to thank the Lord for everything (for protecting/loving me and my family and for revealing me Your words and Your plans to me). I declare that this coming 2015 will be a successful, productive, adventurous and prosperous one.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! God bless us all!

P.S.: I can't wait making another set of faith goals and bucket lists for the coming year.