Pressured Moments

After weeks on HIATUS MODE

I sensed myself that I have no time unwinding against pressure between assignments and exams as well as extra-curricular activities. 

Incremented also there the rejection inside my room, you might as well ask me about the issue regarding on that. In this case, it intensely stressed my nerves that's why I experienced lack of concentration that made me fail again this preliminary period (I guess I'm right).   

Yeah, right!. "Oh well, I'll be focusing my studies this final period for the sake of passing". So what now?

Time Management is on-the-go. Guidance in every step I carefully take. "LORD, bring me back where I started to gain achievements in life", I asked every time to HIM.  

MAN!, WAKE UP! and don't put yourself down. :D

Kevin Pangilinan

Inhinyerong Tomasino