How Clear Is Your Vision?

Couple of minutes ago, me and my friend talked about how clear is our vision. Gaano kalabo mata mo?

My left eye is clearer than the right, in short #laboRIGHT

Her vision is a bit opaque, in short #laboNA 

Then she told me that my eyes will soon be like hers #lalaboPA

But I think it won't happen. *laugh* ako pa! 

Speaking of clarity, we talked about my sad memories that happened for the past months, I shared a lot to my friend, buti nilabas ko lahat! But I remember my super friend (the girl who gave lots of advice which we have the same problem/situation) I like her because of her kindness and her love in music that jive our personalities. I want to know her more actually. My friend gave some advice couple of minutes ago that I will surely sink and process in my mind and heart and for that... THANK YOU. And for my super friend, KUNG ALAM MO LANG! *insert another jolly and fluttery expression here* 

Then we talked about her memories which I gave her an advice.

Remember friend that..

TRUE LOVE DOES WAIT #butnotproven


"Imagine" Part 1

There's a conversation between my friend behind our closeness between me and my super friend (let's call her C, because that's what she said) *smile* ME as K

We started this conversation because of this word..
Gaano kamahal? - How worth is her love?

C: Hindi ko kayang sukatin ang mga bagay na wala akong kakayahang sukatin, di hamak na isa lang akong tagasubaybay sa kwento ninyo, di ako ang sumulat (she can't measure because she doesn't have the ability to measure things because she's an audience of a movie or a reader of a book and not an author of it nor a director of it )

K: ahh basta't kahit oo kahit hindi, maghihintay ako, kahit ilang taon pa yan.. (I'll wait for her no matter what year will pass)

C: edi, MAGHINTAY KA! (then wait for it!)

C: kasi nga nanonood lang ako, at the very most eh, guide sa mga bagay bagay, wala akong kapangyarihan or any kind of churva over the two of you (again she stated again what she had said)

K: nakikita mo kami in the future? (asking about our future)

Cmay nabanggit na ako sa kanya tungkol sa maaaring maging future ninyo, pero hindi ko alam kung magkatotoo yan (she asked this question to her before, but she never knew if this will come true)

K: pero sa tingin mo? (but what you think? *super kulit mode*)

C: oo naman, ayon sa mga predictions ko, may future kayo at di hamak na mas maganda kaysa sa mga past ninyo (yes, that was based on her predictions, will also be better than the PAST)

C: sa akin lang si ---- <3 (oh no, not again! in love again with the guy)

K: *smile* happy na me ulit, yun.. ewan ko ba.. ang paranoid ko lang.. *laugh* (happy now, too paranoid before because I wasn't able to talk with her for a few days that made me a bit depressed) 

C: di ka.. ay hindi paranoid ka nga *super laugh* (no.. but probably YES, I'm too paranoid)


Define "Serious"

(source: Merriam Webster)

- deeply interested; 

I can't resist this feeling, parang sinasabi dito na no one can stop me in this situation like this. May magagawa ba ako kapag ganito nararamdaman ko? The first time I saw you, I can't explain this ambiguous feeling and that meaning "deeply interested" happened by the time we're both in that rough situation then we exchange thoughts and give lots of advice that mold both of us in near perfection and by the time I helped you out which was one of the good days.  

- not joking or trifling; 

Everything that I've done was neither a joke. But that's not all, I need to prove a lot of things (like knowing you, understanding the time when you're not around because I know the next day, you're there) to prove that "IN TIME" *insert our jolly expression here* 

- requiring much thought or work

Next year, I'll be there. This year, we need to stay focus on our studies pero siyempre hindi mawawala itong nararamdaman ko. 

Define serious? I already defined it. But I need to prove it right?



My Wish For This Month

" will be.. "having a harmonious and melodic life" because I do love music and it relates in my situation today. :)" 

It is all because, for the past 3 months I almost brought all the problems in the world. But I am very thankful to HIM because whenever I asked or I prayed  for some things that needs to have a firm decision, He simply showed instances to me then made me think if I will continue with this or not and I'm also thankful to my family and to my closest friends because these people gave me some piece of advice and opinions when it comes to my situation that I'd encountered for example today, yesterday or the past weeks. 

 I think it's not the end of world to be like this sad and a bit weary, I do always think that there are more opportunities that will come. 

and I should always remember that GOD'S WILL BE DONE. :)


I'm Back :)

After 3 months of not spending my time with you, BLOGGER and dealing with somebody else which I've encountered problems that made me carry almost the ENTIRE WORLD, I'm back at the world of ranting everything that I want to say. 

Be ready, cause I have dozens of rants that will be posted here at my own collection of thoughts.