Live, Work, Share, Love

It's the second week of December and there lots of things that I'm grateful for this year:

"Be Strong"

One day, I had a quiet time with Him (forgot the exact verse) and He told me to be strong. I still keep it and never release it in my heart because it serves as my motivation whenever I'm down and I believe that GOD is working even though trials are coming in my life. And I pray that next year, GOD will tell lots of encouraging words like the said title and if my heart overflows, I'll share this kind of experience to my friends as well as to those people who really need God in their lives. I'm really excited for this. Thank you LORD for your encouraging words!

"We Gotta Work! Work!"

As you've notice my past posts and statuses in my blog, most of them are about my college life.. those awesome and joyful years at my beloved university but because I spend 8 hours of work a day (except Saturdays and Sundays), I have less time composing blogs about what I'm doing, what I'm thinking right now and other stuffs. Working as a technical support for 2 years is really a great blessing for me. Those stressful weekdays with the IT peeps, Christmas party presentations and unending projects for my skill set improvement are the moments that I won't forget. Time really flies so quickly.

Share The Gifts You Have

I had fun teaching students on how to play their instruments and how to sing their hearts out. For couple of months, I've learned one thing which is also applicable in my daily life and that's "patience", kids are so active and because they are, they forget sometimes what you said or taught and after that.. they will commit a mistake. And to learn from it is to repeat what they've missed (of course don't forget to add a compliment on what they've achieved and to smile while you correct their mistakes).

3 Years of Relationship/Friendship

So thankful for having her in my life! To my special someone who never fails to make me happy, who really loves me so much and loves GOD more than me. Thank you for telling me to focus always on Him, for supporting me in every thing that I do, for listening to my shallow stories. More anniversaries to come my love! I would like to say this quote from Anonymous, "no matter how far apart we are, you will always be in my heart".

Praying for knowledge and wisdom to write more blogs about life, music and a lot more. Come on! I'm really excited for next year!