Midyear Thoughts

Oh July! It's so fast. Parang kailan lang naghahanap ako ng work at laging nasa bahay but now, what a blessing the He has given to me.

There are a lot of areas that I should pray and claim for this month:
1.) closer and intimate relationship with God (made my faith goals for this mid-year)
2.) quality time with the family and relatives
3.) quality time with #waybee
4.) bonding time with my friends and batchmates/colleagues
5.) work schedule (hopefully it'll be a constant one)
6.) improving and enhancing my skills in the field of Information Technology and in the field of Music
7.) learning more about the the act of worship (composing a song of Yours)
8.) praying that I'll be healthy and fit
9.) receive more blessings this month until the end of the year  

Whatever plans You have for me, let Your will be done. :)