What I Love: Music and Choral Singing


In the past 4 years before I entered chorale singing, the word "MUSIC" is within me and it is where I express my deepest gratitude (to God primarily because of the talents He bestowed in me), my emotions whenever I'm getting tired of everything and after seconds/minutes, my tears will fall, so emotional,ey? and lastly happiness yung tipong pangkatuwaan lang, isang "request" ng song, tutugtugin mo na!

I was so blessed to have these talents bestowed in me.. Lord salamat po talaga!


 I started to join the group/organization inside the university, my faculty where I finished my 4-year course, the UST One Voice Engineering Chorale.

At first, boses-bata talaga ako nun, although dati naman kumanta na ako sa church with my co-sacristans then as I entered the university and had my first general assembly in the faculty I saw them performing and there I gained my interest to join the org.

After months of training and commitment. I wrote a blog entitled "We Brought Home The Trophy!", that was my first taste of victory. Every year, we welcome the new batch and there I see positive changes in the group, parang ako dati, nung sumali ako. And lastly after the competition (we shouldn't forget this every time we are in on-stage), we never forget Him, our primary inspiration by singing a thanksgiving song that our conductor arranged.

Thank You Lord for having all of them in my entire college life, continue to bless each of them because Lord, we are an offering. :) 


Four Compositions And Counting.. :)

It took me almost 6 years to compose all these songs. Hope you enjoy guys!

1st Composition (Of Being Loved By You):

2nd Composition (Brightness): 


4th Composition (I'll Pray For Your Love):

First and foremost, I thank You Lord for bestowing me these talents as well as in composing songs. I will surely lift this all up to You. Sa susunod, Kayo naman po ang gagawan ko na kanta bilang pasasalamat, pagbibigay-galang at papuri sa inyo


Finally Made It!

March 19, 2013 - the much-awaited Baccalaureate Mass in our university, kumbaga para sa'kin eh "checkpoint" ito towards graduation. My sister told me "kailangan mo i-enjoy yan because that event is more awesome than your graduation" and she's absolutely right. That moment when you are writing your thoughts and "thank-you's" in each other's uniforms, humbly stating our pledges and cheering our faculty so loud (nagkaroon kasi ng paligsaan in between colleges/faculties when it comes to cheers, but even though that happened, we're still ONE, it is more fun in our university ika nga!). And of course, hindi mawawala yung fireworks display, we need to see our tuition fees in the air, LOL!. Kidding aside, while recording it in my cellphone, I saw each faces that you could never explain the happiness in them (pero alam ko kasi iisa lang patutunguhan namin but seriously we spent 4-5 years and only God knows and can  count each of our experiences we had inside the four corners of the university). Almighty God, thank You for   that special day, I won't forget this spectacular event. And lastly, we're getting out of the Arch of the Centuries which they call it, the Thomasian Exit Walk. Sobrang saya talaga itong araw na 'to, as if it's your first time riding a rollercoaster, that feeling you can't explain.

April 4, 2013 - graduation entrance and recessions, presentation of candidates for graduation, giving awards to those who worked diligently and stayed so long in the university/school, graduation speeches (which is NOT OBVIOUSLY very long) and the most awaited conferment of degrees (turning of the tassel in the graduation cap). Those were the remarkable moments in our graduation (in my point of view) and of course I was one of 1,213 candidates in our faculty who "patiently" (talaga?!) waiting to call my name at the stage.

As what my profile pictures in Facebook said:

"Natutuwa lang ako sa mga ginawa ko dati nung nag-aaral pa'ko, yung tipong nagfaflashback lahat ang mga pangyayari (paghihirap sa THESIS, NETWORKING at iba pang mga major at pati narin mga minor subjects at pagshishift ng course).

And FINALLY, battling for four years in college is now over. I guess hindi ko na kailangang magdoubt or something because GOD planned this for me. I'm so glad that I'll be wearing my toga and receiving my diploma this graduation.

All of these, I lift up to You, oh GOD because without You, I am nothing"



Review: I'll Pray For Your Love

Another original composition I made before Valentine's Day. As the title says itself  "I will always pray whatever the girl's decision may be." The second stanza of the song happened while we were inside the school (at the bench near the field), we had a lot of conversation then she cried and that moment she can't tolerate the pain she had at the past.

To that "special someone", I'll pray for your love! This is for you:

Verse I

Honestly, I don't know what to do
Staring at the window, thinking of you
Thinking about the good times, makes me glad
And putting all together, "Oh! What a day has passed"

Verse 2

Looking back, there is something wrong
A different conversation, the story's quite so long
Suddenly your heart is aching, then I see your tears are falling
I hold your hand so tight, I hope you're listening


Tell me, cry on me
'Cause I'm surely know someday, the pain will set you free
Tell me, cry on me
Whatever your decisions may be, I will pray for your love

Verse 3

Here I am, I'm standing here in front of you
Telling all those words I want to tell you
Missing you and loving you are those words I want to say
"So believe in me, oh baby, are you listening?"

(Repeat Chorus)

I'll pray for your love... (2x)

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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Back Once More! :)

I miss this place where I ranted a lot of things (almost quarter of my life were written, talagang written in my blog. Oh, namiss kita BLOGGER, POWERHUG! 

Now I can say these words. I'M BACK! It's back, bringing back the joy in the world of blogging. Daming back no?  

Enjoy! Cheers! :)