So How's It Going?

What I did last 3 years in Saudi Arabia?

I studied there in International Philippine School in Alkhobar, 3 years ago from 2nd Year High School to 4th Year High School. The first time I entered the school, I thought this was so rascal in nature but the next day, I told myself that this was the right school for me, with lots of superb students whether in academics or in extra-curricular activities, name it as they said.

A newbie in school became friendly to those who were interested at him. Here, I shared my talents and skills to them. Then a couple of months and weeks, I have many friends. The next year, I thought this won't last but it became rough when I showed to them my true color. And that was in CAT-1 then. Through all violence and belittling efforts of my classmates and friends, it became worser and worser. Then in the end of the fight, I understood what I've done on the past but I became one of the Senior Officers of CAT-1, so glad that I'm one of them.

The other year or "The Senior Year", I looked also a newbie then. I've been in the classroom mixed with girls and boys, then we introduced each other well until a couple of months and weeks, eto magulo nanaman ang magkaklase sa isang seksyon, visiting my co-batchmates in other rooms and the like.

This was about the highlights of my Senior Year.

First off, Nutrition Month, we've made some delicious appetizers and main dishes. Our program became a dance showdown and it was a kind of familiar when I danced in front of the people as a "statue", haha.

After that, SSC MIni Fair, there were many booths in this celebration, there's a Jail Booth, Marraige Booth, Castle Booth, Game Booth where IPSAnians did their best move in racking off the target in DOTA and Counterstrike and other booths that I wasn't able to come up to.

Then next, Review Days, starting from August until October, a 3 month-review for us, who will take the college entrance exams in the Philippines. Instead of reviewing, nagkakaroon ng kasiyahan sa buong batch namin. Majority of the Senior Students attended review days every Thursdays. But me, this wasn't enough, I gave more effort when I asked my Geometry Teacher to be my tutor in 1 month, so that I'll concentrate on taking the exams.

Then the USTET and the UPCAT began, which more I prefer the best school/university for me?. In my first college entrance exam held in our school, that was quite an easy exam for me but in my second college entrance exam held in Riyadh, that was an intense leave-the-blank policy, I've done it since my elder brother told to do so. In the end, I've passed the USTET but not in UPCAT. Hindi ibig sabihin na College Entrance Test, eh test lang yun, nagkakamali kayo, because there were times Senior Students went to the mall where they did shop and shop all along. But guess what, I've found someone on that day. :)

Then Career Symposium, what would be the right course for me?. Actually, I found the right course that's why I've passed the USTET, from the help of our guest, who were assigned to explain the definition of the course they had planned before. But off-track, there was an intermission number headed by us, listeners while taking their lunch. After that, giving certificates for participation.

Next off, OKOR or Order of the Knights of Rizal, this event was held in Bahrain December last year. We're the ones who re-enacted Rizal's death through firing squad. What a remarkable moment we've made that time. Continuing the story, our school won 1st-Runner Up in this competition. IPSA was proud of our hardwork and cooperation.

Next off, our Christmas Caroling Contest, Battle of the Bands and Christmas Party, 3 in 1 celebration which we won 1st place in the Caroling Contest, I was playing the guitar and my bestfriend, who played the violin while the other Dependable SPEDS sang Christmas songs, ang nakakatuwa pa doon eh, ang mga lalaki eh nakaskirt lang made of Japanese Paper PLUS! nakaribbon pa sila but these outfits caught an impact to the audience as well as the jurors na walang sawang pagtangkilik sa amin. Another Senior memories has begun. After the contest me and my co-batchmates dedicated songs to our love ones. Then Battle of the Bands, KAKAROACH is our band but we'd won 4th Place in this competition, we needed more effort in that when I will see my bandmates again. Christmas party with the SPEDs, I knew this was a spectacular celebration, held in the stage. Giving gifts, parlor games, as well as capturing the moments.

Then, Teacher's Day, another Senior memories for me, because we'd sung songs one at every adviser and our mentor. Then in the end, our teacher provided sermons from us.

Then finally CAT's Turn-Over of Rank / Graduation, here I did turn over my rank to the future Alpha Company Commander, which is my position. Then Alpha Company won the competiion last Field Day, that was Alpha who garnered 10 consecutive years of swift competition. Graduation, but before that, me and my co-batchmates finished all our clearances before we'll come up to the stage to receive our diplomas and as the Aida March started, we'd totally received our diplomas and another memories in IPSA was that we had sung our song in live performance. What a remarkable day then.

Outside the school premises, YFC Moments begun. First I heard this group that this won't ever gave benefits on us. But when I entered, I found myself comfortable here, because first of all, I've found many friends, and I found the LORD whom I obeyed his commandments and believed in his Holy Gospel.

And that happened 3 years in Sandbox Mania. :)
Hope you enjoy reading this post. :)